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3 Fortnite characters who've actually died (& 3 we thought did)

The Fortnite storyline revolves around Zero Point and many characters with unique abilities, personalities, and backstories. Many characters have remained relevant for years, and others suffered severe consequences like death.

It's no surprise that many characters like Midas have surprisingly returned to Fortnite, even when players were confident that they're no longer alive. The game's storyline includes time travel and alternate dimensions in which anything and everything is possible.


Here are three Fortnite characters who've died and three that players assumed were dead (but they weren't).

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Three Fortnite characters who are dead


1) Bushranger

Even though Bushranger was never an important character in the storyline, it was one of the most loved NPCs on the Chapter 2 map. In July 2021, players were surprised to find that Bushranger was no longer roaming around and replaced with a freshly dug cave.


It could only mean one thing, that Bushranger has died. To this date, the character hasn't returned, the reason for its demise continues to be a mystery.

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rip Bushranger
12:11 PM · Aug 14, 2021

2) Fishstick


Fishstick's death was confirmed in the Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point Comic, where the character died in Batman's arms. Players worldwide mourned the incident and paid tribute.

Fishstick's snapshots spawn every 22 minutes and they can still be spotted in the loop.

Batman x Fortnite Issue #5, RIP Fishstick (via: @zaydersFN)
9:48 AM · May 1, 2021

3) Raz

Raz played an important role in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6. He wanted to harness the energy of The Spire, and loopers were convinced that he was somehow connected to Kevin the Cube.

Unfortunately, in his failed attempt to become eternal, Raz lost his live in an explosion. None of his snapshots were seen in the game thereafter.


Three Fortnite characters that were wrongly assumed to be dead

1) Midas

Chapter 2 of Fortnite starts with the rise and the fall of Midas. He almost escaped the loop with the Doomsday device and made millions of fans in the process.


The cut scene for Chapter 2 Season 3, seemed like a shark ate Midas. He didn't return for a long time, and loopers claimed that he was dead.

However, before Chapter 3, Donald Mustard talked about Midas and confirmed that he wasn't dead.


2) Agent Jonesy

Agent Jonesy left the IO and went rogue in Chapter 2 Season 6. He tried to contain the Zero Point with The Foundation's help and succeeded. However, the agent wasn't seen in the trailers and Item Shop till Chapter 2 Season 8.

In the several months between Season 6 and Season 8, many players could not explain why Agent Jonesy was missing suddenly. They assumed that the OG character lost his life while fighting the IO.


3) The Foundation

Like Agent Jonesy, The Foundation was seen in Chapter 2 Season 6, when he sacrificed himself to save the Zero Point. The power of the Zero Point is immeasurable, and it was safe to predict that The Foundation took the wrong step.


During The End event in Chapter 2 Season 8, Dr. Slone was surprised to see The Foundation just like millions of loopers. As it turns out, Agent Jonesy and The Seven's members were working together on the flipside to evade the wrath of the Cube Queen.

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