Spider-Man and Big Chuggus skins in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)

3 Fortnite skins with the most broken features (& 3 that are pay to lose)

Fortnite skins aren't supposed to provide any competitive advantages or disadvantages to players. However, at times, the developers unintentionally add mechanics that make cosmetics pay-to-win or pay-to-lose.

For instance, large skins like Thanos and Big Chuggus are inherently pay to lose owing to their large hitboxes. Similarly, skins with solid color schemes can help loopers hide in the environment.


On that note, here are three skins with the most broken features and three that are pay to lose.

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Fortnite skins that provide players an unfair advantage


1) Spider-Man


The highly anticipated Spider-Man skin has finally arrived in Fortnite Chapter 3. As it turns out, the skin has several features that make it pay to win.

First and foremost, Spider-Man can easily hide among builds. Its broken headshot hitbox allows players to look outside walls, but from an enemy perspective, the character remains invisible.

Moreover, the built-in Neighborly Hang emote lets players hang above doors and builds. Hiding in buildings and surprising their opponents is a common strategy among the owners of Spider-Man skin.


2) Erisa

The Erisa skin arrived in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. Prominent YouTuber GKI discovered that using this outfit with the Guardian Daggers pickaxe removes the sound of footsteps altogether.


With the permanent Zero Build modes in Chapter 3 Season 2, the dependence on audio clues and other tactics has increased significantly. As a result, Erisa is a perfect example of a pay-to-win skin.

3) Superhero


Customization features definitely sound fancy, but they can be easily exploited to create all-black and all-white skins that effortlessly blend in with the environment.

To this date, sweats in the community use the Superhero skin because of its unmatched customization features. Fortnite has a vibrant open-world, and spotting a skin with a solid color theme is as hard as it gets.

Fortnite skins that will make players lose games

1) Loki


Loki might be one of the most loved (or hated) Marvel characters, but his skin is rarely used in Fortnite. This is mainly because of the large horns that not only make it easier for opponents to spot the character, but harder for players to see opponents.

As aforementioned, skins with large helmets/physiques are avoided usually in competitive matches.

2) Nightlife


While skins with solid color themes are difficult to spot, vibrant skins are equally easy to find on the map. A perfect example of the same is Nightlife.

The skin is clearly pay to lose because it leaves no scope for stealth. It doesn't blend in with grass, buildings, or houses, and players will always be the center of attention while using it.

Regardless, it is one of the coolest reactive skins ever released.

3) Big Chuggus


It is no surprise that one of the bulkiest skins in Epic Games' Battle Royale title has made this list. Big Chuggus is undoubtedly interesting if players look at the lore. It is based on a human that is surviving on Slurp Juice.

Having said that, from a competitive perspective, Big Chuggus is one of the worst skins. It is easy to spot because of its size, and the glowing helmet makes it easier to land headshots.

Readers must note that the advantages and disadvantages listed above aren't game-changing during casual gameplay. Such features make a difference in competitive games where every little detail could aid Esports athletes in making or losing thousands of dollars.

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