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4 Fortnite objects that actually exist in real-world

With the existence of Metaverse in Fortnite, the fine line between reality and fantasy is slowly starting to fade. Players are beginning to notice similarities between certain objects in the real world that look a lot like their in-game counterparts.

While some did exist in the game before they existed in the real world, most are inspirations that Epic Games may have taken during development. Nevertheless, whichever is the case, they look amazing and each has a story to tell.


These real-life objects exist within Fortnite's Metaverse

1) Golden Cube


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In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8, the Golden Cube made headlines in-game. Unlike Kevin, this cube did not corrupt the land but was a power source unlike anything seen before. It had the power to awaken other cubes and give them new life.


Recently, German artist, Niclas Castello, made his version of the Golden Cube and placed it in NYC's Central Park. While the facts dictate that the artwork was created to help launch a new cryptocurrency, many fans still claim that he copied Fortnite.

2) Drift


Showcased in the Chapter 1 Season 5 trailer, Drift is arguably the first real-life human to be "rifted" into the game's world. What's interesting about this crossover is that alongside Drift, the giant Durr Burger Head and a "golf cart," aka ATK (All Terrain Kart), were "rifted" into the game as well.

This was the first time an object sent through a rift in-game was brought back via one. In many ways, this was the Metaverse's birth as it connected the real-world to the reel-world.

3) Kevin the Cube

@FitzyLeakz Some better pics of Kevin (this is fluorite btw)
4:43 AM · Feb 7, 2022

While Kevin the Cube may be scary and hellbent on destroying the island in-game, in the real world, he's a gemstone. According to the community, Kevin is designed to look like Fluorite, the mineral form of calcium fluoride.

Although pure fluorite is colorless and transparent, colorful ones stand out. Like Kevin from the game, fluorite cubes have similar features, such as cracks and fissures running through the entire structure.

4) Cube Queen's Pyramid's Beam


While Luxor's Sky Beam may not be able to open a rift to another dimension, it is the most substantial beam of light in the real world. It shines bright and can be easily spotted by anyone in Las Vegas.

Given the similarity between Queen's Pyramid and Luxor's Beam, it's evident that the developers took a lot of inspiration for the Fortnite Chapter 2 live event.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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