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5 of the most viewed Fortnite videos of all time

Fortnite is an incredibly popular game. It's been at the top of the gaming industry since its inception in late 2017. It has exploded, with content creators, players, professionals, and more taking part.

Most of the media scene for gaming is devoted to the immensely popular battle royale. The game has garnered tons of views on YouTube, currently being one of the top viewed video games of all time.


Several Fortnite-related videos have incredible view counts. Here are a few examples of videos that have gotten quite a few views.

Disclaimer: These aren't the five most viewed Fortnite videos. Instead, this list features five Fortnite videos with a high view count.

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Fortnite videos with incredible view counts

5) Fortnite glitches


Who doesn't love a good glitch? No one. One of the most-watched videos of the game is a glitch video from popular YouTuber Top5Gaming.

They posted this in March of 2020, so it is relatively old. Most of these glitches are probably not even relevant, but they're still fun to watch, as evidenced by the over seven million views it currently has.


4) If parents played Fortnite


In this video, the comedy reigns supreme. YouTuber Dimucc has amassed over 9.7 million views for their hilarious take on what it would be like if parents played the game.

It's funny, relatable, and well-done, so it's been so popular. It's less than a year old and has already skyrocketed onto this list.

3) SSSniperWolf kills record


9.9 million people have watched this video. SSSniperWolf is one of the most popular content creators for this game as she has tons of videos with high views.

This one makes the list because it's a record that people usually like to see. It was posted in 2018, so the record might not still stand, but it's still impressive to watch.

2) Chapter 3 Season 2 trailer


Interestingly enough, the second video on this list is not the same as the others. The trailer for Chapter 3 Season 2 has been highly viewed.

The trailer posted here has over 12 million views, but the one on the official account also has over 8.7 million views. Either way, this trailer has been viewed a lot of times.

1) Lucky plays


Cool things happen in this game all the time. Those that are lucky enough to get captured on camera often get a lot of views.

It makes perfect sense for a video compiling some of the most incredible moments is one of the most-watched videos of all time. The video had over 16 million views at the time of writing.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

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