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8 most important Fortnite characters who define the lore

Over the years, Fortnite has seen many characters come and go. Some are insignificant, while others are potent megalomaniacs. They have all somehow left their mark on the metaverse. However, they aren't often brought up in conversation.


However, on the opposite side of the spectrum, some characters have become immortalized within the game. Aside from being popular, they even play, or in some cases, have played, a vital role in the game's lore.

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These Fortnite characters are a core part of the storyline

8) Geno

Geno- @FortniteGame Concept

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Who or what 'Geno' is remains unknown. However, given that The Foundation mentioned the name, this individual is a significant character in the storyline and lore.

As time progresses and The Seven comes together as one, Geno will perhaps make an appearance. Although many speculate that Geno created the Imagined Order, this individual's role within the Metaverse may be far greater.

7) Raz

The Raz Glyph Master

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7:44 AM · Apr 8, 2022

When The Zero Point was encased alongside The Foundation in The Spire, Raz appeared on the island. This particular individual was interested in learning how to harness the powers of The Zero Point.

It was rumored that he would summon the Storm King and end reality in Chapter 2 Season 6. But by the time the alien invasion began, he was long gone from the island. However, it's unlikely that loopers will have seen the last of him.

6) Drift

Here are some extra cube queen screenshots :)
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10:45 AM · Nov 1, 2021

While Drift is not showcased enough in Fortnite, this NPC should be. Even though he looks like a regular character, he is extraordinary. He was the first real-life person to be rifted into the game based on the storyline.

It's unclear why this happened, but it cannot be random. Since Epic Games has plans for essential characters, his appearance must foreshadow some events that are yet to come to fruition.

5) Cube Queen

Here are some extra cube queen screenshots :)
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10:45 AM · Nov 1, 2021

Given the vastness of Fortnite's metaverse, there are infinite realities, one of which is called The Last Reality. This void is home to a being more evil than anyone could have imagined: The Cube Queen.


Using the power of the Golden Cubes and The Cradle, she has destroyed and conquered realities across space and time. Her goal is unknown, her limits are untested, and she waits beneath the waves to rise again like a watery phoenix.

4) Dr. Slone

Doctor Slone is gearing up to end the Alien occupation, and by extension, the Season...

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1:30 AM · Sep 6, 2021

Doctor Slone is in charge of Fortnite's reality and everything that happens on the island. Her ultimate goal is to defeat The Seven and secure the Imagined Order's place in the Multiverse.

Given her resolve, she will stoop to any low level to keep control of the situation. She's been a part of the storyline since Chapter 2 Season 7 and is likely to remain here. She will not rest until the resistance is crushed.

3) Midas


Based on Fortnite's lore, Midas has always been waiting, watching, and scheming. His ultimate goal is to break the loop and seize control from the Imagined Order. However, unlike The Seven, he will go to any limit to get the job done.

While his ragtag gang of gangsters sees him as their messiah in this reality, he's essentially an anti-hero who pledges allegiance to no one. Although he's been removed from the storyline for some time, he's likely to make a comeback soon.

2) The Seven

The Seven have been here since time immemorial. They have kept watch over countless realities from the darkness of space and protected them all. However, with the emergence of the Imagined Order, they've been busy trying to disrupt the organization and take back control of things.

With The Foundation at its helm and other members returning to help with the ongoing war on the island, success seems likely. Perhaps once they defeat the IO, peace will reign across all of reality - hopefully.

1) Agent Jones


Is Agent Jones the most crucial character in Fortnite's lore? Maybe not, but if it weren't for him, the chain of events that have led to this exact moment in time might never have occurred.

If he hadn't betrayed the Imagine Order and helped stabilize The Zero Point, the storyline may have ended with a bang. No more Imagined Order, no more Seven, no more anyone. Everything may have ceased to exist.

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