Sweaty players are often easily spotted nowadays (Image via Epic Games)

8 things sweaty Fortnite players do every game to ensure victory (& you should too)

Sweaty players in Fortnite are there to get a Victory Royale, no matter what they have to do to achieve it.

Over the last couple of years, Fortnite has become synonymous with sweaty players. Some casually drop in on the island, loot up, and hope they make it to the end.


Some know all of the good loot spawns, can build a skyscraper in seconds, and rush the opposition without a second thought. If you want to win like them, you'll have to play like them.

Eight things you should do every game to play like a Fortnite sweat

8) Sweaty Skins

The soccer skins in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

Sweaty Fortnite players are known for wearing some of the most hated skins in the game. The soccer skins, Aura, and even the default skins signify a sweaty player headed in your direction.

If you see one of them, you know you're in for a fight. If you use one of them, you may make your opponent nervous enough to the point where they stumble their controls and win the battle.

7) Land in crowded locations

Tilted Towers returned in Chapter 3 (Image via Epic Games)

If you want to sweat like the best of them, you need to drop where everyone else is dropping. This ensures early kills, taking loot from others, and simply starting the game off with a sweaty mindset.

Jump out of the Battle Bus early enough and head to where you know most of the lobby is going. If you land first, you'll get the jump on dozens of other players unprepared for your attack.

6) Loot constantly

Fortnite chests often contain the best loot (Image via Epic Games)

Don't just loot after you land. Loot throughout the entire game of Fortnite. This could be from buildings, eliminated players, or just gathering materials as you move toward the next circle.

If you aren't in the middle of a fight, take the time to pickaxe some trees, open some chests, or scour the floor of a house. You never know what type of weapon could be found that outclasses you currently have.

5) Third party

Third parties suck…for the other teams. Especially when they can’t avoid a car. #Fortnite
4:14 AM · Feb 8, 2022

If you see a gunfight or a build battle taking place, be sure to interrupt it. Shoot down a structure, throw a grenade to blow it up, or start taking shots at one of the players involved.


Third-party fighting is a surefire way to catch a couple of players or teams off guard. They'll be preoccupied and you can come in for the easy kill, adding to your eliminations and making you sweat even further.

4) Take every fight

A squad is getting ready to fight in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

In addition to third-party fights, take every fight you end up in. Never run away if another player is hunting you. Take out your weapon, start building, and punish them for coming after you.

Sweaty players aim to get a ton of elimination and outplay everyone on their way to a Victory Royale. If you want to play like a sweaty Fortnite player, you need to eliminate everyone that crosses your path.

3) Use meta weapons


Don't try and be flashy with some off-meta weapons. Using a rocket launcher can be fun, but the point of sweating in a game of Fortnite is to win. Stay away from lesser weapons and only use the best of the best.

Things like the Stinger SMG and the MK7 Assault Rifle have been at the forefront of the Chapter 3 Season 1 meta. Get your hands on these guns and use them to net a Victory Royale.

2) Try hard to win

One of our best Victory Royale's in 2021 #Fortnite #viral
3:30 AM · Feb 8, 2022

This one is more about your mental attitude than your skills at the game. If you can shoot, build, and navigate the map, then you've got the hardest part down.

Now, you need to focus on the finish line. Don't think that any playstyle or mechanic is cheap. Don't assume you're going to lose in the middle of a fight. Play your heart out and try your hardest to win.

1) Build, build, build


The number one thing that gamers think of when a Fortnite sweat is brought up is the insane building. It can take some practice, but you can outbuild just about anyone when you get it down.

The minute someone sends a shot or even looks in your direction, start building to the sky and take the fight to them. Edit your walls to take shots, build around them, place traps, or block their every move.

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