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Every Fortnite biome, ranked from best to worst

Fortnite biomes make the in-game map much more enjoyable. When the battle royale title was first released, only a few biomes were available on the map. However, Epic Games has added many of them throughout the years.

The development team released a desert biome in Season 5, a snow biome in Season 7, and the current season has brought the Reality biome. While most of these biomes are basic and have no special features, some of them make the game completely different.


In this article, we will rank Fortnite biomes from best to worst. The list will include every single biome released to the game as of Chapter 3 Season 3.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer’s opinions.

Ranking Fortnite biomes from best to worst

1) Reality

Reality biome is a new biome that was released with Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 (Image via Epic Games)

The Reality biome was released with Chapter 3 Season 3, and is much better than any other biome in the game. Not only does it look beautiful with the huge Reality Tree in the middle, but it also offers players a lot of gameplay advantages.

In this Fortnite biome, players can pick up Reality Seeds and plant them to get amazing weapons and other items.

Furthermore, they can heal with Slurp Mushrooms and also bounce on them to gain a tactical advantage over the enemies.


2) Corrupted

What are the Cubes up to? 🤔

The Corrupted biome played a huge role in the events of Chapter 2 Season 8. The Cubes spread the corruption over a large part of the island before forming a pyramid for the Cube Queen.

This biome was also in the game during Chapter 1 Season 6. What makes it special is the Shadow Stones players can use to move quickly around the map and surprise their enemies.


3) Alien

During Chapter 2 Season 7, Epic Games released a new Fortnite biome to the game. It was called an Alien biome, and it worked differently than any other biome in the game.

While in this area, players had lower gravity and were also able to dash forward.

Several locations on the map had this biome, such as Holly Hatchery, but players could also create it on their own using Alien Nanites.

4) Normal (urban) biome

Tilted Towers was in one of the most popular Fortnite biomes (Image via Epic Games)

The most popular Fortnite biome is probably the urban biome. While there is nothing special about it, there have been several amazing locations players have enjoyed, such as Tilted Towers.


There is no gameplay modifier in this biome, but having build fights next to skyscrapers is a lot of fun!

5) Jungle

The Jungle biome has been in Fortnite several times (Image via Epic Games)

The Jungle biome was first released in Fortnite with Chapter 1 Season 8. This Fortnite biome was mostly found around the volcano, adding something new and refreshing to the game when it first came out.

Lazy Lagoon and Sunny Steps were the two most popular landing spots in the biome during Chapter 1. Later on, Epic Games also added a Pressure Plant POI inside the volcano.

If you wanted to get a lot of wood in the last few seasons of Chapter 1, landing in this Fortnite biome was the way to go.

6) Desert

Thinking of paradise palms 🤟

Season 5 introduced a new Fortnite biome and players immediately fell in love with it. The desert biome brought some incredible locations to the video game, including Paradise Palms and Little Mexico.

Each chapter of the video game had a desert biome as it was added around the Zero Point in Chapter 2 and is back for Chapter 3.

As per the leaks, Epic Games will release sand tunneling once again. This is a perfect addition to the desert biome and makes the game much more interesting.

7) Swamp

Moisty Mire was located in a special Fortnite biome (Image via Epic Games)

The Swamp biome was very popular during the early seasons of Fortnite Battle Royale. This biome had Moisty Mire, a popular landing spot that had a lot of legendary battles.

Players loved Moisty Mire because it allowed them to get maximum wood at the start of the game. Furthermore, this location was right next to the prison, which had amazing loot.

Epic Games released a different version of this location in Season X called Moisty Palms. This was a Rift Zone that contained a mix of Moisty Mire and Paradise Palms, and players could turn into props in this area!


8) Snow

The Snow Fortnite biome was first released in Chapter 1 Season 7 (Image via Epic Games)

The Snow biome was first added to Fortnite Battle Royale with the start of Chapter 1 Season 7. The biome had some amazing places, such as Polar Peak, Frosty Flights, and Happy Hamlet.

Unfortunately, even though players had been begging for this biome for a long time, they got fed up with it shortly after it was released.

This biome is still in the game and players can find it in the northwest corner of the Chapter 3 island.

9) Farmland

The beacon is now opening a rift above Fatal Fields.

A new Rift Zone should appear with tomorrow's V10.20 Content Update #Fortnite

The Farmland biome was in the game in its early stages. The very first map had two different farms, Anarchy Acres and Fatal Fields, and many players loved landing in these locations.


Unfortunately, Anarchy Acres was removed with the release of Season 5 and Fatal Fields did not receive many changes, which is why it became boring after a few seasons.

10) Primal

• Various bridges in the Primal sections of the map have also been transformed into makeshift Primal huts.

The Primal Fortnite biome was only available in the game for one season. It was released with Chapter 2 Season 6, and was the perfect choice for the season.

Unfortunately, players did not like this season. Epic Games introduced the crafting mechanic with it, which was the biggest reason for its bad reviews.

Similar to the Corruption biome, the Primal biome spread over a large part of the island throughout the season. However, it had no special gameplay feature and The Spire, one of the coolest places the game has ever had, never became popular in the community.

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