Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 will launch right after the Big Bang (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1: When is it coming out?

The conclusion to Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5 is right on the horizon with the Big Bang live event, and the Fortnite community is already looking ahead to the highly anticipated arrival of Chapter 5 Season 1. Scheduled to launch a little while after the Big Bang live event, which is set to take place on December 2 at 2 pm ET, Chapter 5 Season 1 is shaping up to bring a new era for Fortnite, following the potentially dynamic changes that the event could bring with it.

After the Big Bang live event, the game is expected to go into an extended downtime so Epic Games can begin sending out updates and integrating the new Chapter 5 Season 1 into the game.


While the duration of downtime is not currently known, the event is rumored to end with a black hole, reminiscent of the one seen after The End event from Chapter 1, Season X, suggesting how this downtime may be longer than usual.

Note: Some aspects of this article are speculations based on rumors and past trends. Readers are advised to take the information with a grain of salt.

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What to expect from Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1

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Chapter 5 Season 1's release will coincide with the conclusion to Chapter 4 Season 5, a season that has been a nostalgic journey through the earlier seasons of the game, on December 2. While the OG season was surely one to remember, Chapter 5 Season 1 seems to be packed to the brim with new content and collaborations for players to explore and experience.

The collaborations for Chapter 5 Season 1 include the long-awaited crossover with the LEGO universe. The collaboration is supposed to be massive, bringing its own game mode and potentially bringing LEGO characters into the game.

Since the LEGO collaboration has been talked about in the community for years, this partnership is sure to be a welcome part of Chapter 5 Season 1.

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The collaborations don't end there, as Chapter 5 Season 1 will also include a new Rocket Racing mode, a game mode crafted for Fortnite in collaboration with Rocket League. This collaboration is said to bring Rocket League vehicles into the game for players to use in a dedicated racing environment and specially designed race tracks.

Additionally, according to leaks and hints from Epic Games themselves, these collaborations will also play a role in the Big Bang live event, proving how integral they will be to Chapter 5 Season 1.

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Aside from all this, a recently leaked menu screen from Xbox showcased the Chapter 5 Season 1 Battle Pass early, giving players a taste of what the upcoming Battle Pass could bring. The two highlights of the leaked Battle Pass are the inclusion of iconic characters like Solid Snake, the skilled spy from the Metal Gear Solid series, and Peter Griffin, the lovable character from Family Guy.

The potential addition of Solid Snake and Peter Griffin, along with the upcoming confirmed collaborations with LEGO and Rocket League, just adds to the anticipation of Chapter 5 Season 1.

As players are gearing up for the spectacle-filled Big Bang live event, it promises to be a seamless transition into Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1, on December 2.

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