Fortnite leak shows the Chapter 4 Season 3 map (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite leakers show the first image of Chapter 4 Season 3 map and the jungle

The latest Fortnite leak shows what the Chapter 4 Season 3 map will look like. Similar to previous leaks, the map will have a jungle biome and a volcano. There are also theories that the new biome will be located in the middle of the map, and the latest leak appears to confirm these theories. Specifically, the leak shows what looks like a redesigned Anvil Square.

Anvil Square is located in the middle of the map and has been in the game since the release of Chapter 4 in December 2022. Due to this, replacing it with a new location makes a lot of sense. Epic Games has hinted at the destruction of this central location through Chapter 4 Season 2. Since Anvil Square has been in the game for half a year, many Fortnite players would love to see something else.


Fortnite leak shows the first image of the Chapter 4 Season 3 map

The Fortnite leak showed the first look at the upcoming map (Image via Epic Games)

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All Fortnite leaks from reputable leakers have been accurate so far. The latest leak shows what looks like Anvil Square surrounded by the jungle. FitzyLeakz first shared the image, and has gone viral since then.

Fortnite players are already familiar with the jungle. This biome was in the game during the previous chapters, although Epic Games has never released it in Chapter 4. However, this will likely change in just a few more days.


A cherry blossom tree can also be spotted in the distance, meaning that the Mega City and its biome are behind the location in the image. While the Fortnite leaker hasn't confirmed whether this is Anvil Square, all signs point to it.

The Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 map will also likely have a volcano. However, no one knows where it will be located. Considering the map will not completely change, the volcano will probably be found inside the jungle biome.

Epic Games plans to release the new season on Friday, June 9. Until then, we'll likely get more leaks regarding the future content, map changes, and the upcoming Battle Pass.

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