Fortnite in outer space (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite Mars concept takes the game into outerspace, quite literally

Fortnite has had a plethora of amazing events and collaborations, the most notable one being the Astronomical event where Travis Scott quite literally blasted the map as players were floating in the air as a huge Travis performed on the map. While that was one of the best events ever hosted, have you ever wondered if Epic Games actually introduced a map in outer space?

A Reddit user shared their concept art of a Fortnite map set on Mars. The Reddit user suggested inculcating spaceships and underground alien bases. This could probably be the theme of the next Fortnite season, considering this season's theme was heists.


Let's delve into the details and see what the community has to say about this outworldly concept.

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How does Mars look as a detailed Fortnite Map?


Designed by u/Croatz, this Fortnite map might be small but boasts an incredible amount of detail, from Asteroid Alley to the Bubbly Biosphere, a part of the map probably housing the astronauts.


The look and feel of the vibe look something straight out of a 90s space video game; maybe that is what inspired the user, a game such as Space Invaders from the NES era.

A user suggested how they would interact with the terrain and different vehicles found on the planet. This was in reply to a comment by u/GoldenPingPongBalls, who expressed their concern, stating how a map on the terrain of Mars, which is mostly just rocks, would feel mundane.

u/StacheBandicoot replied to this, stating that Apex Legends' first map mostly featured just canyons and deserts, which worked in their favor, and the game has come a long way since then.


What does the community have to say? The good and the bad


A part of the map called "Cocky Chasm" grabbed the attention of the majority of the users as everyone talked about dropping into Cocky Chasm. u/PeroFast suggested dropping in Dingy Dunes after that, which sounds equally fun.

While all of this was happening, users started making Destiny references, making various references, the most popular one being "Whether we wanted it or not, we've stepped into a war with the Cabal on Mars" by u/Ranmal62, which has become a copypasta over the years, taken from the monologue of Commander Zavala.


u/punch_deck carefully analyzed the map and concluded how the floating islands could work along with how the storm would be incorporated into such a setting. Everyone loved the idea of how this map could work practically, with one user, u/Lexicon444, even suggesting this to be the perfect opportunity to bring back UFOs from Chapter 2 Season 7.

Maybe Epic Games could listen to its fans and give them what they want, especially considering how fun this concept sounds. Fortnite is not new to out worldly concepts, especially considering how the finale of Season 3 featured the island in shambles and floating, which was glorious on its own and was well received by everyone in the community.

Epic could use the same concept by kicking it up a notch and giving us a zero-gravity adventure on Mars.

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