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Rise & fall of Fortnite's FaZe Ewok

Many Fortnite Battle Royale players have heard of FaZe Ewok, an extremely talented player and streamer. What makes him different is the fact that he is deaf and has embraced his disability.

This gamer started playing the popular battle royale in 2018. The then-13-year-old had some incredible matches in Fortnite, reaching nearly 400 Solo wins in just a few months.


Ewok rose to the top in 2019 and has gained more than 300,000 followers on Twitch. Unfortunately, the streamer hasn't gone live in a few months, so many fans have begun wondering what happened to him.

FaZe Ewok's streaming journey has had many ups and downs, and if you want to find out what happened to him, this article will tell you everything you need to know.

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Rise of FaZe Ewok

FaZe Ewok is a highly skilled player, but his Twitch channel was relatively unpopular initially, which isn't surprising. Back in October 2018, the streamer had only eight average viewers while streaming more than 80 hours monthly.


The situation drastically changed in March 2019 when TimTheTatman learned about Ewok and hosted the young gamer on his stream.

That month, FaZe Ewok's channel started blowing up, averaging 360 viewers and streaming more than 200 hours. The user already had some impressive achievements back then.

Besides the wins, Ewok had won fights against some of the most popular Fortnite players, such as Daequan and SpaceLyon.


The streamer made another massive leap in June of the same year, having more than 700 viewers on average. He teamed up with Ninja and DrLupo in June, the two most prominent names in the Fortnite community back then.


One of the most outstanding achievements of Ewok's streaming career happened in July 2019 when he officially signed a contract with FaZe Clan, one of the most popular gaming organizations in the world. The streamer also became the first female player to join the organization (more on this below).

FaZe Ewok left Twitch in November 2019 and switched to Mixer, Microsoft's streaming platform. Unfortunately, it was shut down less than a year later, making Ewok return to his Twitch channel.

This return was glorious, and the famous Fortnite player set his own record in August 2020, having around 3,300 average viewers and gaining more than 19,000 followers in the month.

Unfortunately, this was the last month of Ewok's popularity on the streaming platform.

FaZe Ewok's fall

August 2020 was incredible for the young streamer, but his viewers vanished shortly after.

In October 2020, Ewok came out as transgender and referred to himself as "he/him" and a boy. Ewok also came out as bisexual and admitted that he struggled with mental health throughout the years.


This move took a lot of courage and bravery, and Ewok received support from the community, including players he's played with, such as DrLupo.


Unfortunately, Ewok's statement was also very controversial, and he's received lots of hate for it. This doesn't come as a surprise since the Fortnite community can sometimes be quite toxic.


In September 2020, Ewok's average viewers fell by almost 86%, and by the end of the year, he had fewer than 300 average viewers.

FaZe Ewok stopped uploading YouTube content in March 2021, and his Twitch channel has also dropped in popularity. The streamer seemingly was never the same, losing many followers.

Unfortunately, the young content creator admitted he was dealing with many issues and was overwhelmed by all the hate he was getting on social media and streaming platforms.

He said:

"It's so overwhelming with all the hate I've been getting on Twitch, Twitter, and social media. I don't even post on Instagram anymore. I've been draining myself lately. I'd take it all back to have a normal life, but I love where I am and all the support I receive. I don't want to throw all those potential opportunities away just because haters are getting to me or my depression. My depression is getting worse at the moment, but it is what it is."

The situation hasn't improved since March, and the streamer's Twitter profile has had many negative tweets in this period. Many fans were worried about him, but the hate has also been very strong.

I'm going offline for a while. I don't know when I'll be back or how long I'll be gone.

By the end of 2021, FaZe Ewok could barely surpass 100 average viewers. At one point, the broadcaster switched to playing Apex Legends, which seemed to be working out for him.

Despite losing followers on Twitch, he kept streaming, and it seems this was making him happy. Unfortunately, this situation did not last long, as he was going live less often.

In January 2022, FaZe Ewok streamed for around 30 hours, and this number dropped to only six hours in February of the same year.

The streamer was last seen on Twitch on April 12, streaming Roblox for less than an hour. The stream had 29 average viewers, and FaZe Ewok lost 38 followers during it. The content creator has also uploaded only two videos to his YouTube channel in 2022.

It appears that the once-popular Fortnite player has decided to make his life private. He's been posting less frequently on both gaming and social media platforms.

A private life is a happy life

FaZe Ewok will most likely stay out of the spotlight for at least a few months. It's apparent that he's been dealing with lots of issues throughout the years, and getting a lot of hate doesn't help at all.

Many streamers have a hard time balancing their private and public lives. Also, being watched by hundreds or thousands of people for a few hours daily is not something many enjoy.

FaZe Ewok's Twitch followers and viewers have drastically decreased in the last 365 days (Image via Sully Gnome)

Being a popular streamer has many perks but many downsides as well. Hopefully, FaZe Ewok can find the right balance in his life and return to the gaming world at some point.

In the meantime, taking an extended break is definitely a great idea.

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