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Fortnite 'The Frost' concept brings the worst winter nightmare to life

Epic Games enjoys integrating numerous fan-made cosmetics, emotes, and various other elements into Fortnite. By incorporating personalized items in-game, the developer perfectly balances its relationship with the fans. Many of the skins present have been provided by the community. In that regard, countless unique ideas have sprung from the imaginations of gamers, who are also talented artists.

Players might remember the infamous "Orange Shirt Kid," whose emote has now become legendary, or the Backpack Kid's floss, which has become an inextricable part of pop culture.


Let's take a look at one such piece of concept art that is being appreciated by the community for its grotesque and dark nature. While it is unknown if such a dark character will be added to the game, it is definitely worthy of appreciation.

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The chilling Frost concept art for Fortnite


A Reddit user by the name of u/Art_MBC_ recently posted fan art of a dark demon-like character on the subreddit r/FortNiteBR, and the community is showering it with plaudits. The Frost has extremely detailed features and looks heavily inspired by Robert Egger's The Witch.


With a frozen heart pulsating openly through the character's chest along with the veil of flowers on its shoulders, players would definitely feel chills down their spine if they came face to face with "Frost."

Will Frost ever make its way into Fortnite?


The possibility of such a skin making its way into Fortnite doesn't seem unlikely since the game already harbors a plethora of eerie-looking skins such as "The Batman Who Laughs" or "Big Mouth." Since Halloween is right around the corner, this would be the perfect opportunity to take up a fan's artwork and incorporate it into the game.

Epic Games enjoys a good reputation when it comes to acknowledging feedback, which is laudable considering the size of the game. While the artist's post has received numerous positive reactions on Reddit, it is uncertain whether Epic will take notice.

What the community has to say


Reddit user u/ YeetUrParakeet proposed that the character might need some nerfs to fit in the landscape of Fortnite, which is much more child-friendly. In response, the artist highlights the problematic elements, such as the horns and the mossy roots cape working as a simple cape instead of having roots, which looks much more complex.


u/HarryDotter420, on the other hand, compared the character's aesthetic to Elden Ring. Many even suggested reaching out to potential developers who would be interested in buying the design.

u/CYBORG3005 suggested pinging Tatsuki Fujimoto, the author of the critically acclaimed manga Chainsaw Man. The artist u/Art_MBC_ weighed in on this comment, comparing his art to that of the Future Devil in Chainsaw Man. Notably, the resemblance is uncanny upon close inspection, suggesting a possible source of inspiration.

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