Fortnite's Atlas OG map is now live (Image via Epic Games/AtlasCreativeFN)

How to play Atlas Creative OG Fortnite map: Code, joining details, and more

After a short delay and plenty of suspense, the highly anticipated Atlas Creative OG Fortnite map is finally live. Interested players will get to experience the game just as it was in the past. However, it should be noted that since it's still in the BETA stage, bugs/glitches will likely be encountered. Atlas Creative recently took to Twitter to mention the same.

Based on their statement, the studio's team is addressing various bugs/glitches on the map as quickly as possible. Furthermore, considering the fact that UEFN is in a "BETA" stage itself, they had to cut out some of the original map's details because of memory issues. With that being said, here's how to join the Atlas OG Battle Royale map.


How to join the Atlas Creative OG Fortnite map

We are officially releasing @AtlasOGBR in BETA.

While playing there will be bugs and we are addressing them as quickly as possible. Also - We had to cut a some of the map details due to memory issues - we are hoping the memory is addressed by Epic asap so that we can release……

Just like any other Creative map, players can join the Atlas Creative OG Fortnite map by entering the required map code in the Discovery Tab: 2179-7822-3395. Once again, it must be mentioned that since it's still in "BETA," there will be unavoidable bugs/glitches on this map.

At times, the match may fail to start (despite the lobby being full) while at other times, assets present on the map will fail to load in. Additionally, picking up items/weapons doesn’t always work as intended. Furthermore, upon viewing the match in Replay Mode, all the assets present on the map are missing as well.


These are just a few instances of what players may experience when trying out this map. That said, when things work as intended, it's truly an "OG" experience that can't be missed out on.

More details about Atlas OG Battle Royale

Atlas OG Battle Royale is live and kicking (Image via Atlas Epic Games/AtlasCreativeFN)

This version of the "OG" map is based on Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 3. Veterans that have been around since the early days of the game will most likely know this map like the back of their hand. But here's where things get interesting.

As of now, the only way to obtain items/weapons is from chests. No loot can be found on the ground. This is likely due to the memory-related issue that Atlas Creative mentioned in their tweet. Since weapons have to be spawned using a Device, this would require additional memory.

It's like the past has come alive in Fortnite (Image via Atlas Epic Games/AtlasCreativeFN)

Nevertheless, this doesn't hamper the overall experience in any way. With POIs such as Tilted Towers present on the Atlas OG Battle Royale map, there are plenty of chests to open.

Moving on, Atlas OG Battle Royale is a 50-player experience. Those expecting to find a true 100-player BR are certainly going to be disappointed. Although the lobbies do take time to fill up at the moment, more players will likely be joining as the sun rises in the Eastern Time zone.

Last but not least, it goes without saying that since this is in the "BETA" stage, there's still a lot of work left to be done. As mentioned by the developers, regular updates will be rolled out to improve the overall gameplay experience. That said, it's time to jump off the Battle Bus and revisit Fortnite Chapter 1.

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