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The community is not having a good time with the Chapter 5 locker UI (Image via u/LunaLynnTheCellist/Reddit)

“It’s so terrible.” - Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 Locker UI has disappointed the community

Fortnite is known for its dynamic and evolving approach to player choices and cosmetics. Epic Games recently unveiled changes to the locker UI in the newly launched Chapter 5 Season 1, leaving the community disappointed and divided. Players are expressing their distaste for the new locker UI, with one claiming:

"It's so terrible."

The revamped locker UI, which was once a lot more of a cohesive and streamlined experience, has now separated various sections related to customization, like Characters, Emotes, Wraps, and more, into distinct categories.

This article will look at the changes made to the locker UI and why the fans are disappointed about it.

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"I hate it so much" - Why the new Fortnite Chapter 5 locker UI does not hit the mark


One of the main gripes with Chapter 5 Season 1 locker UI is the fragmentation of the locker experience. Previously, it had a more unified interface that allowed players to seamlessly browse and customize different aspects of their cosmetic loadout in one cohesive space. In the new layout, every cosmetic category has its own dedicated section, disrupting the intuitive flow that many have grown accustomed to.

This not only slows down the customization process for many players but also hampers creativity by making it a lot more difficult to mix and match various cosmetic components. Those who once enjoyed the freedom of having everything in one and effortlessly crafting unique presets are now faced with a more convoluted and time-consuming process.

Furthermore, navigating the new locker UI has become a prominent source of frustration for many in Chapter 5. Players are finding themselves clicking between different tabs to access various aspects of their cosmetic locker, which detracts from the fluidity of the previous design.


What the community had to say about the Fortnite Chapter 5 locker UI

The Fortnite community has voiced their concerns about the new locker system, expressing dissatisfaction with the slow and more segmented approach to cosmetic selection. Some even expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that important elements like wraps and emotes are not synced with the preset character.

Here are some notable responses to the new Chapter 5 locker UI:


As the community adapts to the new UI, there is hope that Epic Games will take player feedback and feelings into consideration, potentially refining the locker interface and striking a better balance between user-friendly design and innovation in future updates.

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