Epic Games has brought more free Fortnite cosmetics. (Image via Epic Games)

Epic Games reveals 4 free Fortnite cosmetic items, here is how to earn them

Fortnite Lantern Fest 2023 is officially here! Epic Games has released a new event for the same, bringing fresh Creative experiences, new cosmetic items, and free rewards for players. The event kicked off on Wednesday, March 22, and will remain active until April 21. During this time, players will be able to unlock four free cosmetic items. Epic is also slated to release a special Lantern Fest Tour island that will feature several challenges.

The latest event also includes an in-game photography contest. There will be 15 winners in total, and they will receive an additional cosmetic item for free.


Fortnite players can earn free cosmetics for a limited time

The event will last for a month and bring several new cosmetics. (Image via Epic Games)

The biggest addition to this year's Fortnite Lantern Fest is the new Creative island. Given how much this mode has improved over the last year, it has been possible for Epic Games to scale the event massively.

The new island was designed by Illusion Creative and will be important for earning all the free cosmetic items. If you are one of the many players wanting to unlock them, you will have to complete the special challenges on the Creative island.


Here are the four rewards that can be unlocked for free:

  • Lantern Spray
  • Cameo Needs Loot Emoticon
  • Dog Eat Dog Spray
  • Twilight Mosaic Wrap
SypherPK has returned to the Item Shop during the event. (Image via Epic Games)

The following three special challenges are available thus far:

  • Sand is Lava Parkour
  • Race Rumble
  • Flawless Fashion

The Lantern Fest Tour island is massive. The first part of the island will be revealed very soon, and Epic Games will add another part to it on April 6 at 10 AM Eastern Time.

Fortnite players can unlock an extra reward by joining the photography contest. (Image via Epic Games)

You can also compete to earn the “Cameo Needs Loot” emoticon, which will be given to the 15 winners of the Lantography contest. To enter, you will have to take a screenshot of the in-game lanterns hanging around the Battle Royale island and share it using the #LantographyContest2023 hashtag. To be eligible for the rewards, contestants will have to follow the @fortniteME Twitter account.

The contest begins at 2 PM Eastern Time on March 23, and entries must be submitted by March 30. Furthermore, all participants should be at least 13 years of age.


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