Forest Guardian Fortnite map (Image via Epic Games)

Forest Guardian Fortnite Map: Code, how to play, joining details, and more

Fortnite only released Creative 2.0 yesterday, but it already has numerous maps. The latest update to the game was a major hit with players and fans upon its official announcement. It is expected to revolutionize gaming and has already done so in some ways. Most of the new maps look nothing like that from the original game.

While the maps look nothing like Fortnite's, one can tell they are because one has to go through the game to open it. Read on to learn how to do so.


Forest Guardian Fortnite: How to play stunning new map

While the possibilities with Creative 2.0 are endless, they can be time-consuming. Players must build maps, although that doesn't seem to have happened yet as it was only released yesterday. Nevertheless, some maps are ready. Some brands along with Epic Games had maps ready to launch for Creative 2.0 so that players could instantly play them in the new mode upon their launch.

The Forest Guardian is one such map. The code for it is 0348-4483-3263. Here's a step-by-step look at how to get into it:

  1. In the lobby, click to change the game mode. This brings in the Discover tab, which has all the options.
  2. Move over to the Island code option on the controller, especially if you don't see Forest Guardian as a featured option.
  3. Type in the above code and press enter.
  4. This will load you into the map. Begin gameplay from there and enjoy!

This map was displayed during the Unreal Editor live stream. As such, it's one that Epic Games and all parties involved feel captures the spirit and power of Creative 2.0. It's not what most would have expected from Epic.

The map is also quite in-depth with a complete storyline, making it feel like an entirely new game mode. There are no guns or standard battle royale matches either.

A look at the Forest Guardian map (Image via Allenownz on YouTube)

It also includes certain features that would not have been possible in the game before. A dragon flies across the map while players fight with swords. The graphics are also impressive. The avatar remains a Fortnite character, but everything else is different.

More maps like this are available in Creative 2.0. The Discover tab will feature many new maps that creators have made using the Unreal Editor that was released yesterday.

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