Fortnite released a new poster (Image via FortniteBRFeed on YouTube)

Fortnite poster reveals 3 new skins for Chapter 4 Season 3

A new Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 poster has arrived. As Epic Games continues to roll out promotion in the final days of Chapter 4 Season 2, more information is being presented to the players. In this case, they get confirmation of three new skins coming to the game next season. They're all original, so no collaborations have yet been confirmed.

The poster is just the latest of many recent releases from Epic Games. Chapter 4 Season 2 ends in a few days, so now is the time for them to put out everything they want to. Check out the official poster below:


Fortnite poster confirms new original skins

The poster was shared with the community by ShiinaBR, who is a prominent leaker. This time, however, they are sharing confirmed information rather than leaks. This is an official poster released by Epic Games.


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Chapter 4 - Season 3 will be present at the next #SummerGameFest

It showcases three new skins and another variant of Fish Stick, who has been a very popular character with several different outfits over the years. The other three skins in the image are completely new and are likely to be on the battle pass.


These characters were teased earlier today in a new trailer for the upcoming season. As the earth split open, these four characters stood over the newly formed gap in the island.

The new teaser trailer (Image via iFireMonkey on Twitter)

That was enough confirmation that they would be arriving this season, but now, fans can get a better look at their overall design. Many will notice the character in the grey shirt with black hair and gloves.

This unnamed character was leaked in a unique loading screen a while ago. He was seen running alongside Optimus Prime, prompting rumors that a Transformers collaboration was coming.

Chapter 4 Season 3 is now confirmed to be Tropical themed
- Fortnite is also collaborating with Transformers, Optimus Prime will be in the battle pass
- A new Lever Pistol seen in the leaked loading screen
-Helicopters are coming back also getting upgraded as well.

Also pictured in the leaked Fortnite loading screen is the female skin wearing red. This gives more credibility to the post as it now has two confirmed characters. The likelihood that Optimus Prime isn't in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 grows less likely by the day.

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