Refer-A-Friend 3.0 program is coming soon (Image via Twitter/TheFoxTracker11 and Simp4Catalyst)

Fortnite leak confirms return of Refer-A-Friend in Chapter 4 Season 4

Refer-A-Friend 3.0 is slated to arrive in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4. Similar to the last two instances, players will get in-game rewards for inviting new friends to the game and playing with them. On that note, there's not much information about the type of rewards that will be associated with this program. However, looking back at the last two instances, there are a few cool cosmetics to be earned.

Much like last time, players will likely be rewarded an exclusive Outfit alongside cosmetics that are part of the specific Set. Bear in mind, that these cannot be bought from the Fortnite Item Shop. As they are exclusive, they can only be earned via programs such as Refer-A-Friend. That said, despite information being limited, leaker/data-miner iFireMonkey has been able to uncover details about the upcoming Refer-A-Friend 3.0 program.


Fortnite Refer-A-Friend 3.0 - Everything we know thus far

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According to iFireMonkey, the staging server for Refer-A-Friend 3.0's challenges is set to end on September 28, 2023 at 8 PM EST. This means that around that time on the given day, new information about the Refer-A-Friend 3.0 program will be made available in some form. Either Epic Games will provide a blog update or leakers/data-miners will be able to find something in the game's files.

In addition to this, the upcoming "Gain 50 Cumulative Account Levels with Selected Friend" challenge will be tracked separately. This means that both accounts (the player's and their friend) that are participating in the Refer-A-Friend 3.0 program will have to gain 50 Seasonal Levels. Unlike the previous time, progress will not be calculated on a joint effort basis.

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Moving on the rewards, according to leakers/data-miners NotPaloleaks and ESFortniteBR, a new version of Madcap could be the potential Outfit up for grabs. It is currently codenamed "Rogue." Aside from the Outfit, there is also an Emote, Pickaxe, Back Bling, Banner, and Spray that is seemingly associated with the Refer-A-Friend 3.0 program.

As for when the Refer-A-Friend 3.0 program will start, there's no information about the that. With Chapter 4 Season 4 ending in just over a month's time, the timeline is rather blurry. That said, the Refer-A-Friend 3.0 program may still start towards the end of the current season. Since Refer-A-Friend programs last a few months and carry over from one season to the next, this would be the ideal thing for Epic Games to do.

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