The potential themes for Fortnite Chapter 5 look very interesting (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)

Fortnite teaser hints at potential themes for Chapter 5

Prior to the Fortnite update v26.20, leakers/data miners discovered that Epic Games was planning to revamp the game's UI. This includes the Lobby and Discovery as well. After years of asking for a more streamlined UI, the developer is finally coming through.

In fact, Epic Games themselves shared a few neat features that players can expect to see in-game alongside the new UI.


One of these features is the introduction of custom lobby backgrounds. Rather than seeing the same old boring lobby background in-game, you will now be able to upload and use your own to support this feature.

While this is all very interesting, what caught the attention of many were the custom lobby backgrounds Epic Games had showcased in the blog. They likely tell a story of things to come.

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Fortnite's custom lobby backgrounds are potential hints for Chapter 5 themes

Epic Games is known to release teasers via numerous mediums. While in-game trailers are the norm in most instances, other mediums include things such as comics, spoofs on social media, written hints, and, of course, Loading Screens. Coming back to these newly added custom lobby backgrounds, it seems that Epic Games is likely hinting at something.

Kevin The Cube has become a cult figure by now (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)

They featured Kevin The Cube, a Greek-theme background, an underwater base, and a spooky mansion. Although they are arbitrary at best, they all make sense in the grand scheme of things. Kevin The Cube is related to The Last Reality, who has been searching for a way to get back to the island to obtain the Zero Point.

It's possible that Chapter 5 will mark their return. Considering that they have been mentioned in Chapter 4, this is no mere coincidence. If so, one of the seasons in Chapter 5 may look something like a repeat of Chapter 2 Season 8.

Greek-themed Outfits would look amazing (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)

Moving on to the Greek-theme background, it is likely a direct reference to the island's name. Epic Games has been using the names of Greek Gods/Goddesses to label the island since Chapter 1.

It started with Athena, then went to Apollo, Artemis, and finally, Asteria. It could also be an upcoming theme, given how many Greek-inspired Outfits have been found in leaked surveys.

Wonder if the Imagined Order is rebuilding its base (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)

Coming to the underwater base, it's very reminiscent of the base the Imagined Order had in Chapter 2. Although it was destroyed, it can be speculated that they rebuilt it later on. If not an upcoming theme, the image could potentially showcase an upcoming Named Location.

The mansion looks a lot like Grim Gables from Chapter 3 Season 4 (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)

As for the last image that showcases a spooky mansion, it could be a potential concept image for Fortnitemares 2024. Given that a mansion was present in-game during Chapter 3, another could be added during Fortnite Chapter 5.

How will custom lobby backgrounds work in Fortnite

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Custom lobby backgrounds will allow players to have an image that is unique to their custom game. To support this feature, Epic Games will be launching a Photo Capture Mode as well to make the process more streamlined. Players will also be able to upload images made using third-party tools in the Creator Portal.

The aim is to make each custom game have its very own unique lobby background, which, in theory, will help it stand out more. Given that the way creators earn revenue has changed, this will help draw more users to the island and help with retention.

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