The Fortnitemares 2023 Battle Bus seems to be going through an emo phase. (Image via Twitter/Melgore_)

Fortnitemares 2023 Battle Bus leaked

Fortnitemares 2023 is still a month's time away, but leakers/dataminers have already been able to get hold of information related to the in-game event. As it turns out, Epic Games is working on a new design for the Battle Bus. Unlike previous years wherein the Battle Bus was slightly modified, this time around, the creative team seems to have gone all out.

This stems from the fact that a new Battle Bus was introduced at the start of Chapter 4. The traditional design was altered and the vehicle was fitted with a massive jet propulsion system. While the hot-air balloon is still attached to the vehicle, it is very unlikely that it has any utility as such in the general sense. That being said, here are more details about the Fortnitemares 2023 Battle Bus.


The Battle Bus for Fortnitemares 2023 has been painted jet-black

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The Battle Bus is usually a warm blue color for most of the time throughout the year. It does go through changes during major collaborations, but otherwise, it remains unchanged. For Fortnitemares 2023, it would seem that the creative team wanted to switch things up. The Battle Bus has been given a jet-black makeover for the spooky season.

According to many fans on Twitter, the Battle Bus is going through an "emo phase." While the jet-black color that adorns the Battle Bus does support this statement, it's friendly banter and nothing else. That being said, the leaked images of the battle Bus seem to represent a work in progress. Apart from the change in color, no other assets can be seen on it.


Usually, the creative team will add other assets (meshes) onto the Battle Bus that are associated with the prevalent theme. At the moment, there are none to be found. In fact, the hot-air balloon that has been part of the Battle Bus' design since Chapter 1 is also missing. All these are yet to be added to the final design.

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On that note, it's anyone's guess what the balloon will look like once added. Since Epic Games changes the texture of the balloon based on the occasion, it will be interesting to see what they have planned this time around.

With "Heist" being the central theme of the season, it could be related to that. Perhaps a red crescent moon will feature on the balloon or perhaps it will have something to do with Kado Thorne.

Given that he will turn into a vampire for Fortnitemares 2023, there is a lot of scope for creativity. Looking at things thus far, Epic Games has been hitting the mark effortlessly. That said, the Fortnitemares 2023 Battle Bus should be activated in-game around mid-October.

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