Mystique's Shapeshifter Built-In Emote has stood the test of time (Image via Twitter/AfuChan1)

The Mystique Fortnite skin still has no match 3 years on, and with good reason

Mystique is one of those Outfits in Fortnite that have seemingly being able to stand the test of time. While her animations are somewhat out of date given that she was released all the way back in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4, her functionality remains top notch. There's a good reason behind it and it has to do with her unique Built-In Emote, Shapeshifter.

Unlike other Emotes in-game that only have a fixed set of functions or just one primary functionality, the Shapeshifter Built-In Emote is very different. What makes it special is that similar to the character on-screen and in the comics, Mystique is the only one that is able to transform into any character in-game. This has led to some funny moments during matches as players often pretend to be NPCs.


How does Mystique's Shapeshifter Built-In Emote work in Fortnite?

Unlike most other Emotes that require no prerequisites, the Shapeshifter Built-In Emote is primarily useful only after an enemy player has been destroyed. When triggered, Mystique will temporarily transform and take the appearance of the enemy player they just eliminated. If used before an elimination has been secured, she will transform into a Recruit Outfit.


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This is really cool as Mystique can take the form and shape of any Outfit in-game. This can be a non-binary Outfit, female or male, and even robotic. There is no limitation to this. What's more is that the Shapeshifter Built-In Emote allows Mystique to keep her new form until the end of the match or until the user decides to use it again.


In theory, a player can change their appearance using Shapeshifter Built-In Emote numerous times during a match. Whenever they eliminate an opponent, they can assume a new form. That said, the Emote will have to be reused after every minute as Mystique will revert to original form.

At times, as mentioned, the Shapeshifter Built-In Emote can also be used to pretend to be different NPCs. After eliminating an NPC, the player can assume their form. Unsuspecting opponents that try to interact with the false NPC will be caught off guard and welcomed with a shotgun. While this sly tactic does not work all the time, it is fun to pull off. Sadly, there is some bad news for those interested in the Mystique Outfit.

The Mystique Outfit and Shapeshifter Built-In Emote are permanently vaulted in Fortnite

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The Mystique Outfit and Shapeshifter Built-In Emote were exclusive to the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Battle Pass. As such, when the season ended, all possible means to acquire these cosmetics vanished. That said, there is no way to obtain or buy these ever again.


The only possible solution to remedy this situation is if Epic Games introduced a Skrull Outfit to the metaverse. Similar to Mystique, they can also assume the form of other individuals. With Secret Invasion pushing Skrulls to the forefront and making them more visible to the general audience, Epic games may add them to the game soon. Given their partnership with Disney, it's only a matter of time.

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That being said, for those eager to shapeshift in-game, the future does look bright. While it may take some time, Skrulls will undoubtedly become a part of the metaverse eventually. For those who missed out on obtaining Mystique in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4, they will be able to get the next best thing that's out there.

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