Where to find Mod Benches in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 (Image via Epic Games)

Where to find Mod Benches in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1

Chapter 5 Season 1 brought Mod Benches to Fortnite, providing a new edge to weapon modifications and gun performance. When fitted on the right weapons, mods are exceptionally impactful and influence the game through factors like reduction in gun recoil. Thus, Mod Benches are a perfect addition to the game and should impact how players navigate the map.

Having begun on December 3, Chapter 5 Season 1 is slated to run for around three months. The Big Bang event preceded the server downtime, and the occasion was a massive success, with a concurrent player count of over 11.6 million.


Soon after, Epic Games shared information about everything coming in Chapter 5 Season 1, including Mod Benches.

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All Mod Benches locations in Fortnite


As the official blog post mentions, Mod Benches can be found within vaults in-game. Their locations are as follows:

  • Fencing Fields
  • Grand Glacier
  • Lavish Lair
  • Reckless Railways
  • Snooty Steppes

Players will need to prepare themselves before getting to these Mod Benches, as they will reside within locked vaults. The key to opening them lies with the area boss.

How to open Mod Bench vaults in Fortnite

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There are five area bosses in Chapter 5 Season 1, namely Oscar, Nisha, Montague, Valeria, and Peter Griffin. Each of them will drop a Society Medallion once you defeat them. This unique item can be used to open the aforementioned vaults. They also provide Shield regeneration when placed in inventory.

Once a boss is defeated, you will be directed to the vault, where you can open it by interacting with a keypad by the door. You can then interact with the Mod Bench, select your desired modification for each weapon, and implement it if you wish to. Note that Mod Benches require Gold Bars for purchases.

While defeating an area boss and tackling other enemies on your way to a Mod Bench might sound like a tedious affair, you can also find valuable resources like Gold Bars and other loot inside the locked vault in Fortnite.

Apart from Mod Benches, Chapter 5 Season 1 also introduces a handful of weapons and guns in Fortnite. It remains to be seen whether the community warms up to them.


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The debacle with the Big Bang event led Epic Games to run two more showcases of the occasion. They also announced that those who have played the OG season were due to get 750,000 OG Pass XP, The Clawz Retro Back Bling for free, and Spectra Knight quests autocompleted.

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