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Customizing Apple Watch faces (Image via Apple)

How to customize your Apple Watch's watch face

The Apple Watch is more than just a device that tells time. Your personal health assistant tracks your fitness and helps you reach your health goals. It allows you to track your daily activity, heart rate, and even blood oxygen levels. It also helps you receive notifications for incoming calls, texts, and e-mails without pulling out your phone.

Customizing your Apple Watch face allows you to personalize the watch's appearance. You can choose from a wide range of watch faces with various designs, colors, and features; you can also add informative widgets called 'complications' for a glance.


The extensive customizability options allow you to create unique and personal watch faces to match your personality and requirements.

WatchOS 9 faces by Apple (Images via Apple)

Every year, Apple releases new watch faces for its watch users, and in 2022 they introduced new Lunar, Metropolitan, and Playtime faces with the watchOS 9 update. They also updated a few watch faces, including Astronomy and Portraits.

You can customize each of these faces to make them more unique and personalized. Here is how you can do that.


How you can customize your Apple Watch faces

Apple offers a wide range of watch faces, each with unique features and functions. You can explore all the available watch faces, personalize them, and add them to your collection in the Face Gallery in the Apple Watch app. You can also directly modify the watch faces on your watch if the iPhone isn't available.

How to customize your Apple Watch face using your iPhone.

1) On your iPhone, open the Watch app


2) At the bottom of the screen, you'll find the "Face Gallery" section; tap on it.

3) From there, you can browse for available watch faces and tap on the one you want to customize.

4) Then tap on "Customize."

5) Select the element of the watch face you want to change by swiping left and right. You can customize the colors, complications, styles, and much more.

6) After selecting the element, you can change it by selecting a new option from the list.


7) Repeat the steps to customize more elements.

8) After you are done customizing, tap on "Set as Watch Face" to apply the changes.

9. You can also save the customized watch face to your collection by tapping "Add" under "My Faces."

Apple Watch users - what's your current watch face?

One great thing about customizing your Apple Watch's watch face is that you can switch between different faces for different usages and occasions. You can select a face with more fitness tracking features for your gym session or one with a more professional look for business meetings.

All these customizations of the watch faces can be done even if you don't have an iPhone. Tap and hold the screen, and swipe left or right to select the watch face. From there, you can customize the face as you would on your iPhone.

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