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Big Smoke is a wolf in sheep's clothing (Image via Rockstar Games)

5 best GTA antagonists in the entire series

Even in the GTA series, every "hero" needs a villain to fight against. The best antagonists have to be enjoyable to watch. For every Big Smoke, there is a Massimo Torini and Jerry Martinez. It's not just about driving the main conflict in the story; GTA players also have to appreciate their on-screen presence.

These antagonists can be a deadly combination of danger and comedy. GTA players will likely remember most of these names. The story would feel empty without them since they are mainly responsible for the protagonist's misfortune. Here's a look at some of the best villains in the history of GTA.


Five antagonists in the GTA series that live up to their reputation


5) Catalina


Catalina is a straight-up psychopath, so players won't feel sorry for taking her out. She can only be described as Trevor Philips before there was even a Trevor Philips. Catalina is an extremely dangerous threat that should never be trusted.

Claude makes this mistake in GTA 3, but he redeems himself in the end. It's quite the sight to watch her helicopter go down in flames.

4) Billy Grey


Billy Grey is why the Lost MC fell apart in GTA 4 and GTA 5. While he didn't make it to the latter, his actions in the former are still felt by everyone involved with him.

His selfish actions caused a major civil war within his gang, further weakening them. By comparison, Johnny Klebitz proves why he is the rightful leader of the Lost MC. These two are perfect counterparts to each other.

3) Big Smoke

Anything that Big Smoke says instantly becomes a meme. Out of all the major antagonists, he is arguably the funniest one to be around. Big Smoke is synonymous with the GTA San Andreas experience.

His shocking betrayal left some players reeling, despite the subtle foreshadowing. He seemed like such a friendly person compared to Ryder. In the end, Big Smoke was caught up in the money, fame, and power.

2) Dimitri Rascalov

Anybody who trusts Dimitri in GTA 4 will end up regretting it eventually. The man has no loyalty to anybody, not even his closest allies. Mikhail Faustin and Niko Bellic find out firsthand when he sends them out to the wolves.


Dimitri will resort to any underhanded tactic to gain the upper hand. This is best seen when he kidnaps Roman to get back at Niko. There is no low that he wouldn't stoop to in GTA 4. This is what makes his undignified end that much better. Players have every motivation to bring him down a peg.

1) Frank Tenpenny

Samuel L. Jackson gives one of the greatest performances in GTA San Andreas, let alone the entire series. Tenpenny is a crooked man who always presses his foot on somebody else's throat. He forces CJ to do all his dirty work throughout the game, all because he can.

Most of Los Santos hates his guts, which is why his acquittal caused widespread riots. GTA players have to bring him to justice where the system fails. It's very gratifying watching CJ get one over Tenpenny.

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