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GTA players may have missed most of these interesting details and Easter eggs. (Image via Rockstar Games)

5 interesting details in GTA Vice City Stories that few people are aware of

GTA: Vice City Stories is a PSP game that was initially released in 2006 and is the last in the series for the PS2. Most people likely never played the game since it was not re-released for the PS4. As such, there are many things fans may have missed about the game. Fans can't be blamed for forgetting the game, either.

Vice City Stories was a prequel to GTA: Vice City and contained numerous Easter eggs linking the two games. Many new features debuted in the Grand Theft Auto franchise with Vice City Stories, and this article will highlight five interesting details players might not have noticed. The details are not ranked in any specific order.


Five interesting details in GTA: Vice City Stories players might have missed

1) Phil Collins Live


One of the most memorable things about Vice City Stories is the appearance of singer and former Genesis frontman Phil Collins himself. Phil appears in a few missions where players try to stop the mafia from assassinating him.


After completing the "In The Air Tonight" mission, players can see Collins perform the song of the same title at the Hyman Memorial Stadium by paying $6,000. Once paid, players can watch Phil Collins perform anytime.

2) A Rockstar constellation


Most Easter eggs are hidden well or in plain sight for players to discover, but this one takes the cake for being up in the sky every night. If players check the night sky, there's a chance of catching this Easter egg.

Hidden in the sky, players can see a star constellation make out an R for Rockstar Games, the publisher and developer of the Grand Theft Auto series. Just like the resizeable moon Easter egg, it can also be seen in other PS 2 GTA games.

3) Barzini's

Barzini's is named after a popular character from The Godfather. (Image via GTA Fandom)

GTA games have taken inspiration from many crime gangster films, which has also significantly impacted the storylines and missions. Vice City Stories pays homage to one infamous character from a well-known mobster movie, The Godfather.

The Barzini Italian restaurant in Vice City Stories is named after a character from The Godfather. Don Emilio Barzini appears as one of the mafia bosses in New York and the main antagonist. There are two such references in the game, one in Downtown Vice City and another in the North Point Mall.

4) Umberto Robina mural

Umberto Robina's mural pays homage to a great real-life leader. (Image via GTA Fandom)

Umberto Robina appears as a Cuban gang leader in Vice City and Vice City Stories. A mural of Umberto Robina can be seen in the game, with the words Libre Havana. It resembles the murals of Ernesto "Che" Guevara, who played a major role in the Cuban Revolution.

Umberto is quite the infamous character in the two games, and his mural pays homage to one of the Argentine communist revolutionary. Most players may have missed this subtle Easter egg when they played the game.

5) Homage to CJ

The outfit is a direct reference to the famous protagonist. (Image via YouTube/GTA Series Videos)

The trailer trash outfit in Vice City Stories can be acquired after completing the D.I.V.O.R.C.E. mission, and it consists of Vic wearing a white tank top, blue jeans, and sneakers. This attention to detail is anything but subtle, as it's a direct reference to one of the iconic characters from the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

This outfit is a clear homage to GTA: San Andreas' protagonist CJ, who wears the same outfit throughout the game. It's an outfit that can also be seen in different variations worn by several other mob members.

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