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These Easter eggs in GTA 5 take a lot of effort to find (Images via Sportskeeda)

5 easter eggs in GTA 5 that were found years after release

Rockstar Games is known for adding mysterious Easter eggs to its games, often in remote locations. This is true for GTA 5 as well, as it took players many years to find some of the title's more scarce Easter eggs. Thus, there is always a possibility of players finding more Easter eggs over the coming years.

For now, this article will provide players with a list of five GTA 5 Easter eggs that were discovered years after the game's initial release.


Note: This article reflects the writer's subjective opinion.

Easter eggs that took GTA 5 players years to discover


5) Black Cellphone


If GTA 5 players call the number 1-999-367-3767 on their phone, they will get connected to a caller ID called "Black Cellphone." Doing so will cause an explosion near the player.

No one has any idea why this happens or what causes the explosion to always happen near them. Many have speculated that it is caused by electromagnetic pulses (EMPs), but there is no solid confirmation regarding this explanation.

However, an even bigger mystery is how players discovered this Easter egg.


4) Mount Chiliad Mysteries


One of the three mountain peaks in Grand Theft Auto 5 is Mount Chiliad. This location contains a mysterious message with several cryptic symbols on a wall within the cable car station. On the back of the observation deck, there is a sign that reads:


All of this has made Mount Chiliad one of the most popular mysteries in GTA 5. Many in the community have dedicated themselves to solving every mystery that the location likely presents.

Players firmly believe that there are more mysteries still unanswered in Mount Chiliad, thus the hunt to find them continues.

3) The Infinity Killer


Merle Abrahams, infamously known as The Infinity Killer, was a serial killer mentioned in GTA 5. The number eight always enraptured him due to its resemblance to the infinity sign.

Unfortunately, this number was reflected in the eight murders he committed in December of 1999. Numerous in-game hints that connect Merle Abrahams to the Infinity Murders can be found across San Andreas, but all of these clues are shrouded in codes and ciphers.

2) Bigfoot


Theories of Bigfoot being in the GTA series have been going around since the release of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, so it was obvious that similar speculations surround Grand Theft Auto 5.

Grand Theft Auto 5 parodied this theory in a Strangers and Freaks mission called The Last One. However, even today, players are adamant over the fact that Bigfoot is present in the game and can be seen during several missions.

This mystery reached its climax when peyote plants were added to the game. These plants, when consumed, gave players the ability to turn into any in-game animal for a few minutes. Unsurprisingly, Bigfoot was one of them.

1) Liberty City reflection

Liberty City aperçue à Los Santos !
Un petit easter egg sympa trouvé par @Numbeur_Ouane. Attention, il ne s'agit pas d'un teasing, mais seulement d'un easter egg sympa disponible uniquement sur #GTAV/#GTA5 et #GTAOnline sur PS4, Xbox One et PC. (1/3)

The Easter egg was recently discovered by French YouTubers MrFaucheur and GamingBGK on the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game. They found that if players simply gaze at the glass on the far right of the Op*um Nights hotel near the airport at night, they can see the reflection of Liberty City.

Rockstar Mag, in his tweet, further explained that this might have been put in the game as a hallucination, as the hotel itself is named "Op*um Nights." For the unversed, the dr*g causes hallucinations when consumed.

This Easter egg was discovered in April 2022, which is amazing as players are still finding these little secrets even a decade after the release of Grand Theft Auto 5.

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