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This room is related to one of the facts shared below (Image via Rockstar Games)

5 fascinating GTA Vice City Stories facts that more players should know

GTA Vice City Stories is a hidden gem full of many wonderful secrets and facts that some players might wish to know. Some of these bits of trivia are discoverable in the game, while others are far more niche. Either way, there are plenty of fascinating facts to share in this listicle.

The average GTA Vice City Stories player is unlikely to know any of these entries, let alone all of them. Only the most hardcore of players would already recognize everything on this list. Without further ado, let's get to the first fact of this article.


5 cool facts about GTA Vice City Stories

1) There is a glitch to easily pass the Hose the Hoes mission


The Hose the Hoes mission has a fairly strict time limit and can be frustrating for newer GTA Vice City Stories players. However, there is a glitch that makes it significantly easier. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Get the Fire Truck like normal.
  2. Enter an interior of a building.
  3. The fire portion of the mission will automatically be skipped.
  4. Eliminate the arsonist.

This little trick eliminates all fires. It's rather niche to use outside of Hose the Hoes, but still something some players might wish to know, especially if they dislike this mission.

2) Phil Collins is the first notable real-life celebrity to be featured in GTA


Celebrities have voiced several characters in the series before, but they wouldn't appear as themselves as Phil Collins did in GTA Vice City Stories. He appears as himself in the game, a musician. He gives Victor Vance three missions:

  • Kill Phil
  • Kill Phil: Part 2
  • In the Air Tonight

In this game, Phil Collins even has a concert where he plays the song "In the Air Tonight." Real-life celebrities appearing in Grand Theft Auto has become quite normal in the modern era ever since. For example, Grand Theft Auto Online has Dr. Dre and Moodymann.

3) Victor Vance is younger than Lance Vance

From the official Brady Games Guide for GTA Vice City Stories and Vice City (Image via Brady Games)

Note: GTA Vice City Stories takes place in 1984, while Vice City took place in 1986. The top half of the above image is relevant for 1984, whereas the bottom is for 1986. Victor would be 30 during this year, meaning he's two years younger than Lance.

The official Brady Games guide for GTA Vice City Stories states that Victor is 28 years old. Lance's age isn't displayed, but it is listed in GTA Vice City's official guide. Just remember that the latter game canonly takes place two years after Victor's adventures.

Here is a quick list of their ages in case the above description isn't clear enough:

  • Victor was 28, and Lance was 30 in 1984.
  • Victor was 30, and Lance was 32 in 1986.

This knowledge is easily missable in the games since this fact only comes from the official Brady Games Guides.

4) Land Mine beta weapon


There is an unused beta weapon known as the Land Mine. It is not ordinarily accessible in the game, yet players can use it with external tools. Funnily enough, it has been in the game files for the following games:

  • Grand Theft Auto III
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Unlike those titles, GTA Vice City Stories has a fully functional Land Mine. It basically works like San Andreas's Satchel Charges, except it will automatically detonate if something or somebody steps on the explosive.

It is unknown why the Land Mine was cut again from yet another Grand Theft Auto title. This version of the Land Mine never made an appearance as a cut weapon in any subsequent game within the series.

5) Hyman Memorial Stadium Easter egg

This is an interesting Easter Egg to cover (Image via Rockstar Games)

Near Hyman Memorial Stadium is a sign with some interesting text that gamers can zoom in on with a Sniper Rifle. The PSP and PS2 versions of this Easter egg differ slightly. Here is the oldest version:

"You are standing on USJ 005a, a fine new addition to our great city that isn't contrived at all. Have you found the 10 easter eggs? Rockstar Leeds would like to thank you for playing the game and letting us have a rockin' christmas party."

By comparison, here is the PS2 version:

"You are standing on USJ 005a, a fine new addition to our great city that we've all grown to love. Have you found the 11 easter eggs? Rockstar Leeds would like to thank you for playing the game, and by the way, the christmas party was great."

The one exclusive Easter egg on the PS2 port of GTA Vice City Stories is where the chocolate Easter egg of GTA Vice City is located. Except this time, it's under construction (you can see it in the cover photo of this article).

Note: Some aspects of this article are subjective.

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