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There are some Vice City locations that should make it to GTA 6 (Image via Rockstar Games)

5 iconic Vice City locations that GTA 6 map should include

GTA Vice City is one of the most memorable Grand Theft Auto titles that has remained in players' hearts even after so many years. Since there are rumors that the upcoming title, GTA 6, will be set in the infamous Vice City, fans can't help but reminisce about some of the most iconic locations there. It will be exciting to see a few in the first official trailer of the upcoming title dropping on December 5.

While the overall map size of Grand Theft Auto Vice City is comparatively small, it has several places that have a unique vibe. Most GTA games have locations that players visit often or have sentimental value attached due to a certain character.


This article lists five such locations from Grand Theft Auto Vice City that will make players nostalgic when playing GTA 6 if included.

Note: The article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinion.


GTA 6 map should have Vercetti Estate and four other most iconic Vice City locations

1) Vercetti Estate


The Vercetti Estate is a huge mansion and the home of Tommy Vercetti, the story's protagonist. Also, since the game's final mission takes place there, it is one of the most iconic locations in Vice City. Most players have spent several memorable moments of the game here.

The location is also quite important because players could store their vehicles in the garage and obtain weapons, health packs, and hidden packages throughout. Since the Vercetti Estate is a crucial landmark of Vice City, it only makes sense that Rockstar should add this iconic location to GTA 6 as well.


2) Malibu Club


While GTA Vice City had limited buildings that players could enter, the Malibu Club more than made up for it. Not only can players purchase this property, but it also has a few specific missions, like The Job, that are quite entertaining.

The club also plays iconic 80s songs that allow players to immerse themselves in the game's old-era vibes. So, it will be great to find this place in Grand Theft Auto 6 and enter it to soak in the atmosphere.

3) Vice City Beach


The Vice City Beach, more commonly known as Vice Beach, is one of the biggest locations in-game and makes up almost half of the island's total landmass. While Tommy can't swim in-game, players still love to stroll across the sandy shores and confront the sunbathing NPCs.

The beach is also accessible from the very beginning. Since it is mostly based on Maimi Beach, it makes sense that this location might appear in Grand Theft Auto 6 as well.

4) Ocean View Hotel


The Ocen View Hotel is located right across Vice City Beach and is the first safehouse that the players unlock. This makes it one of the game's most iconic and memorable places.

The building looks slightly different than the others in the area and has a huge neon sign saying its name. Players enter this property often to save the game, obtain hidden packages, or simply listen to the catchy songs always playing there. The Ocean View Hotel could serve as a major location in GTA 6 as well.

5) Ocean View Hospital


Most players remember dying the first time in Grand Theft Auto Vice City and spawning outside the Ocean View Hospital. It is a huge building with ambulances and paramedics roaming in the vicinity.

Players can also complete some of the paramedic Vice City side missions offered there. Since Grand Theft Auto 6 might have a similar spawning feature, it will be nostalgic to wake up at the Ocean View Hospital.

Since Rockstar Games has finally confirmed the GTA 6 trailer release date, players are excited to see everything the studio has to offer in the clip and whether it showcases any of these iconic locations.

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