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Listing jaw-dropping details derived from GTA 6 leaks (Image via WesleyVianen, Orbitz)

5 jaw-dropping details derived from GTA 6 leaked footage

Rockstar Games suffered a network intrusion in September 2022, which resulted in countless GTA 6 development footage getting leaked. Prior to this, fans had little to no information about the next chapter in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, but they now have a pretty good idea of what the upcoming game could be like. Although it has been a year since the leaks, fans continue talking about the videos.

In fact, a GTA Forums user, Garza, has compiled everything spotted in them in a 60-page document. That said, since the leaked videos consisted of development footage, anything seen in them is subject to change before release. Nevertheless, here are five jaw-dropping details derived from GTA 6's leaked footage.


Accessible interiors and 4 more jaw-dropping details derived from GTA 6 leaked footage

1) Improved police behavior

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The police in Grand Theft Auto 5 leaves much to be desired, but things look to be improving in its sequel. In one of the leaked videos, wherein the two protagonists, allegedly named Jason and Lucia, are robbing a restaurant, we can see a bar that notifies the time before cops get dispatched to the crime scene.


Additionally, they might be able to recognize players' vehicles if they have a full description of it. All of this hints towards the police in Grand Theft Auto 6 acting much smarter than ever before, instead of spawning magically at ground zero and pursuing players relentlessly.

2) Accessible interiors

GTA 6 might have many enterable buildings (Image via Garza's document)

It's no secret that players want Rockstar Games to add more accessible interiors in Grand Theft Auto games. The gaming studio's 2013 release barely has any, surprisingly even lesser than some of the older games. However, Rockstar's upcoming title might have the most ever in the entire series.

As per some of the debug code seen in the leaked footage, Grand Theft Auto 6 could possibly consist of 157 interiors. These may include the Malibu Club, supermarkets, bars, restaurants, and more. If true, this would certainly help with the in-game world seeming real and provide a deeply immersive experience.

3) New Weapon Wheel

Concept art of the leaked Weapon Wheel (Image via YouTube/TGG)

September 2022's GTA 6 leaks suggest that the game's weapon wheel could be inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2. Although there seem to be slots for many items, the amount of things one can hold might be limited. In addition to weapons, there could also be space for painkillers and other healers in the Weapon Wheel.

Interestingly, the leaked footage showcased a variety of Weapon Wheels, each of which is possibly from different stages in the game's development. Its final iteration can only be known once the game arrives.

4) New gameplay features

Features seen in the leaks (Image via Garza's document)

Characters in Grand Theft Auto games have always had the ability to crouch until Rockstar decided to remove that in Grand Theft Auto 5. However, it seems that feature is returning in the sequel. Most importantly, the leaked footage showed that players might be able to prone, switch shoulders when wielding weapons, walk while in cover, and even self-revive.

If these features are included at launch, they will add a completely new dimension to the overall gameplay. Another neat detail that might be present in the upcoming game is characters covering their faces with objects when under attack.

5) Freemode events

Some in-game activities hinted at by the leaks (Image via Garza's document)

One of the aspects that separates Grand Theft Auto games from other titles in this genre is the amount of things one can do besides story missions. While there aren't many activities in GTA 5's story mode, GTA 6 might include plenty.

Some of them, as hinted at by September 2022's leaks, are playing golf, fishing, and participating in races. Additionally, robberies could turn out to be an expansive element of the game, executable at several places around the map.


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