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This Grand Theft Auto game is a classic (Image via Rockstar Games)

5 lesser-known facts about GTA Chinatown Wars

GTA Chinatown Wars is a hidden gem full of facts that many Grand Theft Auto fans don't know. Some fans have simply never played the game, while others may have overlooked these pieces of trivia. Either way, it should be easy to see why these entries are considered to be lesser-known facts.

This list won't be ranked in any particular order. There are definitely more than five lesser-known facts about GTA Chinatown Wars, but this list is a lengthy read as it is. Casual fans will most likely discover something new about this memorable title.


Five interesting facts about GTA Chinatown Wars

1) A character named Wilhelm does the Wilhelm Scream


The notorious Wilhelm Scream has been used in various pieces of media, and GTA Chinatown Wars is no different. However, what makes this instance more interesting is that a character named Wilhelm is the one to do it.


There are three encounters with this NPC in the game, and he does the iconic Wilhelm Scream during the third one. It happens after he jumps off a bridge, and it's very easy to notice. This character is entirely optional and easy to miss, so that's why some players may not know this GTA Chinatown Wars fact.

2) Lions of Fo are the collectibles with the fewest to collect in the series


One collectible in GTA Chinatown Wars is known as Lions of Fo. They're basically little statues that resemble a lion, and only two exist in this game. Gamers can only find those two in 20 random locations, which is an unusual requirement for collectibles in general. Typically, these types of items have static areas where you can always find them.

Once a player collects both Lions of Fo, they become eligible for two missions from Xin Shan:

  • Deadly Xin
  • Xin of the Father

Collecting Lions of Fo is required for 100% completion, but completing the subsequent missions isn't mandatory for that milestone. Keep in mind that most collectibles usually range from a few dozen to hundreds for the player to collect, so the Lions of Fo only having two units is quite noteworthy.

GTA Chinatown Wars players must complete Salt in the Wound in order to unlock Lions of Fo as a collectible.

3) This game is part of the HD Universe

It's easy to see why people mistakenly think this game is part of the 2D or even 3D Universe (Image via Rockstar Games)

Many gamers wrongfully believe that the HD Universe only has games with HD graphics. In actuality, the HD Universe includes every Grand Theft Auto game from Grand Theft Auto IV up to GTA Online (at the time of writing). GTA Chinatown Wars is indeed part of that list, even though the game was initially released on the Nintendo DS.


The HD Universe is merely a different in-game universe from its 2D and 3D counterparts. This means Huang Lee's story takes place in the same city as Niko Bellic's escapades, even if their two games feel completely different.

By a similar token, Grand Theft Auto Advance is part of the 3D Universe, even though it looks 2D due to its pixels and plays like a 2D Universe game.

4) Huang Lee is in Grand Theft Auto IV


Speaking of Grand Theft Auto IV, gamers can find Huang Lee's name and entry on libertycitypolice.com. The LCPD Criminal Profile Database mentions that he is:

  • Named Huang Lee
  • 25 years old and comes from China
  • Associated with Wu "Kenny" Lee's Triads
  • The nephew of Wu "Kenny" Lee
  • Thought to work for other organizations

Huang Lee also has two charges on his criminal record. One comes from 2002 for Trademark Counterfeiting, and the other comes from 2005 for Grand Theft Auto. It is worth noting that Grand Theft Auto IV was released nearly a year before GTA Chinatown Wars launched on the Nintendo DS.

Unfortunately, Huang Lee has no image in the LCPD Criminal Profile Database. Other GTA Chinatown Wars characters included in this database are:

  • Rudy D'Avanzo
  • Chan Jaoming
  • Hsin Jaoming
  • Wu "Kenny" Lee
  • Zhou Ming

It's a neat little feature to analyze, especially for fans of both games.

5) No iconic helicopter in the top left corner of the game's cover

Notice something different in the top left? (Image via Rockstar Games)

Most Grand Theft Auto games since Grand Theft Auto III have had a helicopter in the top left corner of their covers. Here is a list of games that do that:

  • Grand Theft Auto III
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  • Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
  • Grand Theft Auto IV
  • Grand Theft Auto IV Episodes From Liberty City (only some versions)
  • Grand Theft Auto V

GTA Chinatown Wars doesn't feature that iconic helicopter. Instead, it has a yellow motorcycle. The only other post-III Grand Theft Auto games without the memorable helicopter placement are Advance and Trilogy - Definitive Edition.

A few versions of the Grand Theft Auto IV Episodes From Liberty City cover also lack the helicopter, but the difference here is that GTA Chinatown Wars has never had an aircraft at the top left corner of the cover art. Both the Nintendo DS and PSP ports of GTA Chinatown Wars feature largely the same cover, with just different placements and omissions of certain images.


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