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Fans want Netflix's GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition to be better than the console release (Image via Sportskeeda)

5 major improvements that Netflix's GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition should have

With Netflix's GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition about to roll out, fans can't help but wonder if this version will have the same issues that plagued the console release. The Trilogy remaster did not meet the expectations of the community and was criticized for its several glaring flaws. Suffice to say, players wish that the gameplay of the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition on their mobile devices would receive notable improvements.

This article lists five much-needed improvements that should be implemented in the upcoming release of the titles.


Note: The article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinion.

5 improvements that fans want from Netflix's GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition


1) Glitchy graphics


While the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition made a lot of improvements in character models and general lighting, there were several instances of graphical glitches reported by the players.

This led to widespread disappointment, as developers promised the remaster would enhance the original graphics and overhaul visuals. These glitches were immersion-breaking and fans wish that these get resolved before Netflix's release.

2) Numerous bugs


Numerous bugs were reported following the launch of the original GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition, which played a big role in the game's downfall. Nobody likes encountering bugs and glitches in a remastered title.


While some bugs were simple, like disappearing fences and light poles, others, like opaque rainfall, were detrimental to gameplay and broke the immersion. Coupled with that, players reported objects falling through the ground and disappearing forever.

3) Addition of old cheats


Another gripe with the remaster was the removal of certain popular cheats. The developers stated that this was done to streamline the experience for everybody when playing Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

However, fans were not happy and wished that Grove Street Games left this feature untouched. Several popular cheats were missing from the titles that allowed the players to obtain full health, make the vehicles invisible, or boost the jump height of the character.

4) The soundtracks


Soundtracks have always been a crucial part of Grand Theft Auto games. They create the atmosphere and hype during high-speed chases and difficult missions. However, a lot of iconic songs, like I Don't Give a F*** by 2Pac and Funky People by James Brown, were absent from the remaster.

This is quite noticeable when driving around the map and listening to tracks on repeat. Songs from the original titles accentuated gameplay and retained player interest during simple tasks like reaching the mission marker. Rockstar and Netflix could reintegrate those classic tunes.

5) Add the colored aim reticle back to GTA San Andreas


A small yet quite noticeable difference between the vanilla and Definitive Edition of GTA San Andreas was the missing colored aim reticle. In the original game, it changed into three different colors: green for full health, orange for half, and red for low.

It also served as a sign for checking if an NPC was friendly or hostile, as the reticle turned red for the latter. In the remaster, it is replaced by a simple white marker, which lacks the original's charm. Fans would appreciate the Netflix version adding it back.

While some of these changes are not big, they play a significant role in gameplay and immersion. With the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer release date confirmed for December 5, the Netflix GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition, if done right, will work as a bonus.

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