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There is a lot riding on the upcoming GTA 6 trailer (Image via Rockstar Games)

5 reasons why the GTA 6 trailer drop will be the biggest event in gaming history

Since the GTA 6 trailer is about to drop today, December 5, 2023, fans are hyped about what Rockstar Games has in store for everybody. There have been talks about this day for a long time now since the release of the previous title in the series almost a decade ago. Naturally, fans are excited about the upcoming title as the developers promised everything in it would be superior to the previous games.

The GTA 6 trailer undoubtedly will create ripples throughout the gaming community. Along with hardcore Grand Theft Auto fans, a lot of other gamers also are waiting to see how the upcoming title will affect the gaming community.


This article lists five reasons why the upcoming trailer will be one of the biggest reveals in the gaming world.

Note: The article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinion.


GTA 6 trailer will be a big event for everybody: 5 reasons why so

1) GTA 6 is one of the most anticipated video game titles


Ever since Grand Theft Auto 5 and its online multiplayer rolled out back in 2013, Rockstar Games maintained radio silence about the next title in the series. While there were a couple of leaked videos and pictures, there was no official confirmation by the studio.

So, people have been waiting for almost 10 years to hear something concrete about the next game. The upcoming trailer is the first step towards revealing more information about the much-anticipated title.


2) It's finally time to see if the leaks were true


The GTA community has been receiving several leaks about Grand Theft Auto 6 for quite some time. The most substantial one was a full-length police chase sequence as well as an early development gameplay video.

Now that the GTA 6 trailer release date has been confirmed, it is finally time to see which of the leaks were true and which were fake. Since the leaks also displayed a protagonist duo and a variety of locations, fans can't wait to check if this will come true.

3) A lot is riding on the trailer after the success of RDR 2


Red Dead Redemption 2 is another extremely popular Rockstar title which was released in 2018. The game garnered a lot of attention from critics as well as the gaming community, winning hearts and awards alike.

Now that the GTA 6 trailer has finally been confirmed, fans have a lot of expectations from it following the success of RDR 2. Since GTA 6 will be the studio's latest title, it has to be better than anything that they have released before, and this trailer will be the first glimpse into what's about to come.

4) GTA 6 is going to be groundbreaking


Rockstar Games always tries to go above and beyond with each new title that they roll out for the players. Players noticed a big jump in NPC AI, character models, environment lighting, graphics, and other improvements in RDR 2. Now, they have promised big things for the next title. In their own words:

"With every new project, our goal is always to significantly move beyond what we've previously delivered."

Since the developers have promised that the upcoming title will go beyond than what they have ever offered, the hype for the trailer is more than deserved. The first trailer will ensure whether the hype will continue growing or take a dip.

5) The trailer will finally reveal when the game will roll out

Official image shared by Rockstar on X (Image via X/Rockstar Games)

Fans have been speculating the release date of GTA 6 for a long time. There are tons of memes on the internet about the next Grand Theft Auto title dropping after a century or more. However, things will change on December 5 with the release of the first official trailer.

Most fans believe that with this trailer, Rockstar will finally reveal both the confirmed release date and what city the game is set in. While it is true that these dates tend to differ due to technical difficulties and several other reasons, it will still provide an official time frame to the fans.

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