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A list of the most important things fans would love to see in the GTA 6 trailer (Image via Rockstar Games || Sportskeeda)

5 things fans will hope to see in the GTA 6 trailer

GTA 6 fans are on cloud nine right now as they wait for the first trailer, which is due to be released today as on December 5, 2023. Rockstar revealed the release date and time on social media last week, and fans couldn't contain their excitement. They have a long list of things they want to see in the upcoming trailer, and many have already started talking about them.

So here are some of the most important things that Grand Theft Auto fans wish to see in the trailer. However, the upcoming trailer may or may not reveal much about the game, be it the main protagonists, the setting, the missions, or even the gameplay in general.


Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions.

GTA 6 trailer should have these 5 things


1) Jason and Lucia


The first thing that the GTA 6 trailer might reveal is the protagonist(s) of the game. While Grand Theft Auto 5 only provided a preview of Michael's appearance, the voice of actor Ned Luke was audible throughout the whole clip. This was also the case in the first trailer for GTA 4, although it didn't attempt to hide what Niko Bellic looked like.

According to rumors, Grand Theft Auto 6 features a white man and a Latina woman as the main playable characters. Apparently, they're called Jason and Lucia, respectively, and fans are eager to know what they look like and whether they're even real.

The 2022 leaks, which were proven real, gave fans a glimpse into what the characters looked like during the early stages of development, but it might have changed by now. This has only managed to increase the hype surrounding these characters.


2) Vice City


The majority of fans believe that Vice City is the main location for the upcoming game. The 2022 leaks seemingly revealed the setting of the game, with some glimpses into what looks like a city based on Miami. Internet sleuths were convinced that it was indeed Vice City and many popular insiders agreed with the claims.

GTA trailers have often focused on showing off the setting of the game, and fans expect the upcoming trailer to do the same. This way, they'll get to see what the new Vice City looks like and how different it is from the 80s setting in GTA Vice City.

The size and diversity of the map are also things fans desperately want to know about, as many felt GTA 5's landscape to be unnecessarily large and bland.

3) Some of the heists

Rockstar's trailers are often based on cutscenes taken from in-game missions and heists, although this is not always revealed in the first trailer. If the upcoming trailer depicts cutscenes from the in-game heists and missions, it will give a glimpse into the story and characters as well.


Fans would love to know more about the upcoming game's missions and how they'll play out. As mentioned before, Grand Theft Auto 5's first trailer mainly focused on the city of Los Santos, while for GTA 4, Rockstar just highlighted Liberty City.

So it's unlikely that the first Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer will reveal the missions and heists, but fans are hoping that it will.

4) New features

Rockstar usually gives a sneak peek into some of the new and unique features they're about to bring into a game through its very first trailer. They did this with GTA 5, for example, when they depicted golfing as a sport and showed a convertible car retracting its hood.

The 2022 leaks revealed a scene in which the alleged GTA 6 protagonists robbed and held up a restaurant, with many customers being held hostage. This would be a completely new feature in the franchise if it's included in the game, and many fans would like to see it in the trailer.


Another alleged feature is that players will be able to carry only a limited arsenal of weapons. This is also another feature players would love to know about.

5) GTA 6 Online

There's no doubt that Grand Theft Auto Online is currently the most profitable venture for Rockstar. As they're preparing to unveil Grand Theft Auto 6, they're also releasing updates for Grand Theft Auto Online. However, when the upcoming game comes out, this might not be the case.

As such, players want to know if the new game will have its own multiplayer component and whether that will replace Grand Theft Auto Online. If previous trailers are to be taken into account, Rockstar is unlikely to reveal anything about the multiplayer gameplay in the first trailer.

Despite this, fans are extremely eager to know about multiplayer functionality in Grand Theft Auto 6 and how different or similar it would be to GTA Online.

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