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Five tips and tricks for GTA Vice City Definitive Edition (Image via Rockstar Games)

5 tips and tricks for GTA Vice City Definitive Edition

Replaying GTA Vice City Definitive Edition is fascinating with graphical enhancements. While veteran gamers are already familiar with all aspects of the game, new players may be surprised to learn the various tips and tricks the game offers.

Game developers have added several hidden features to enhance the gameplay experience for those who discover them. These features improve the missions by providing an advantage over the enemies.


This article contains five tips and tricks for GTA Vice City Definitive Edition players to try.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions. Listings are not in any order.


5 exciting tips and tricks for GTA Vice City Definitive Edition players to try


5) Free weapons and armor

Free weapons and armor are a massive help in the game's early stages. Certain weapons in GTA games are known to be unlocked after completing certain missions or levels. However, Rockstar Games placed various weapons throughout the map for free.

A submachine gun and body armor can be found spawning behind the Pay 'n' Spray shop on Ocean Beach on a regular basis. Tommy Vercetti travels along that route during missions, so it's a good idea to collect free weapons and armor before things go west.


Other locations, such as the Ocean View Hotel and the Vercetti Estate, occasionally spawn free weapons in the game.

4) Increase armor with Vigilante missions


GTA players can level up their armor by completing Vigilante missions in Vice City. These missions spawn a number of criminals scattered across the map, and players must capture them within the time limit.

Each mission has levels and predefined rewards for completing them successfully. When a player reaches level 12, their armor capacity increases by 50%, extending to 150 points.

Vice City Definitive Edition provides 100 armor points by default. As the first line of defense, it is vulnerable to enemy bullets and attacks. Therefore, it is always beneficial to increase body armor at the start of the game to boost resistance capability.

3) Increase health with Pizza delivery missions


Much like the Vigilante missions, GTA Vice City Definitive Edition players can boost their health by completing Pizza Boy side missions. The mission's goal is to deliver pizzas to customers waiting on the street before the timer runs out.

Players must complete 55 pizza deliveries in a row to improve Tommy's health. It will finish level 10 of the missions and grant players 50% more health, boosting up to 150 points.

Increasing health at the start of the game benefits players greatly as Tommy engages in several gunfights throughout the missions. Earlier games lacked health-boosting snacks to provide immunity during combat. Therefore, having some extra health points to spare is extremely beneficial.

2) Increase sprinting capabilities with Paramedic missions


Players can also increase Tommy’s sprinting duration in GTA Vice City Definitive Edition. Paramedic missions increase his strength to sprint for longer durations.

The mission's objective is to retrieve injured NPCs from various locations and transport them to hospitals. Tommy will be able to sprint indefinitely after reaching level 12.

Sprinting ability is a feature that many GTA players overlook. While most travel is done in vehicles, spriting aids in fleeing and taking cover from the enemy during combat situations. Tommy Vercetti cannot outrun his enemies for long if he is tired. Therefore, it is prudent to train his sprinting abilities ahead of time.

1) Develop fire immunity with Firefighter missions


Firefighter missions in GTA Vice City Definitive Edition make Tommy immune to fire damage. In this mission, players must extinguish various fires after boarding a fire truck. There are 12 levels in total, and upon completion, Tommy gains fire immunity.

The missions become increasingly difficult as the level progresses. Increased armor and health, as well as immunity to fire damage, allow players to face any difficult situation in the game with vigor.

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