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A Compact EMP Launcher looking a lot cooler than it feels using (Image via Rockstar Games)

5 of the weirdest GTA weapons of all time, ranked

The GTA series is no stranger to weird, wacky weapons that seem out of place. For everything that seems normal, like an AK-47, there's something odd, like the ElectroGun. This article will highlight five of this franchise's most bizarre firearms, throwables, and even melee options. Some choices may surprise the reader, given that even the old games had unconventional options.

It is vital to mention that this list is only for weapons the player carries on foot. Something like the Orbital Cannon or any vehicle-based options won't be listed here as a result. Still, there are plenty of options to choose from in this case.


Note: Some aspects of this article are subjective.

Ranking five of the weirdest weapons in GTA series


5) Snowball

A classic Snowball (Image via GTA Wiki)

Eliminating somebody with a snowball is odd but possible in Grand Theft Auto Online. Unfortunately, this throwable weapon is only available around the Christmas season. That means most players won't have an opportunity to use it except during a few select weeks of the year.

This limitation means players will have to wait to use it, although the holdup could be shorter than how long it takes for a proper GTA 6 announcement date to be revealed.

4) ElectroGun

The ElectroGun in action (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA 2 was an odd title in many ways, particularly because it was the first title in the series to have futuristic elements as a main part of the game. One weapon the player could use here is the ElectroGun, which shoots some beams of electricity at a foe.


It's deadly to use, so it's by no means a joke choice. This futuristic firearm is just odd since this series really hasn't had anything shoot bolts of electricity in a wide area again. Not to mention, most players would have no idea that such a thing existed due to the obscurity of the 2D Universe games.

3) Compact EMP Launcher

Futuristic firearms usually stick out like a sore thumb in this series (Image via GTA Wiki)

Grand Theft Auto 5 Online has plenty of weird weapons. One of the most notable firearms is the Compact EMP Launcher. It's odd in that its utility in combat is virtually non-existent. The main purpose of this firearm is to disable a vehicle for a few seconds.

While its niche is limited in GTA Online, note that it's still a unique option compared to the rest of the series. For something so advanced, it is quite strange that it has to shoot projectiles like a Grenade Launcher, though.

2) Up-n-Atomizer

The Up-n-Atomizer has an interesting design that sticks out compared to most realistic guns (Image via Rockstar Games)

The Up-n-Atomizer is much more useful than the Compact EMP Launcher as far as super-advanced weapons go. If you need to forcefully move a vehicle in GTA Online, then the Up-n-Atomizer is a great option. It can shoot a burst of energy to propel an object forward a bit, which can come in handy in some missions in case you get stuck.

Players could also use it for combat, albeit it has low damage and is a bit too slow to be practical due to the long cooldown between shots. Nonetheless, regardless of how unrealistic it is, the Up-n-Atomizer is one of the best firearms in GTA Online and should be picked up by anybody.

1) Flowers


Surprisingly, flowers are a melee weapon in GTA San Andreas. They are capable of eliminating foes and even blowing up gas tanks. It's hard to think of something that could grow in the average person's garden and be this deadly in combat.

More importantly, Carl Johnson can give these flowers to his girlfriends as a gift. It's rare to use weapons for something that isn't to dispose of somebody else, giving these plants an extra use compared to their contemporaries.

There are other gifts that Carl Johnson can give to his girlfriend that are unusual choices for combat but cannot be discussed here due to their more graphic nature, yet are worth mentioning as honorable choices.

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