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A notable highlight from the trailer is the depiction of clubs, particularly a DJ club. (Image via Rockstar)

7 best music genres GTA 6 might feature

GTA 6 currently dominates internet discussions as the most widely talked about video game, with fans expressing admiration for its visuals, characters, setting, and nightlife. Set in Vice City, a fictional version of Miami, Florida, the game's trailer highlights its hotels, beaches, night racing, and more.

A notable highlight from the trailer is the depiction of clubs, particularly a DJ club, underlining the pivotal role of music in GTA games. The official trailer hints at a contemporary interpretation of Miami, sparking anticipation for the introduction of new musical genres in GTA 6.


Additionally, the GTA 6 trailer reveals the game's integration of social media influences, indicating that live-streaming and music video content will play a significant role. Given the current popularity of TikTok music videos and Instagram reels, fans can anticipate the inclusion of fresh and trendy music genres in the upcoming GTA installment. This article explores seven potential music genres that GTA 6 might incorporate.

Trap, Techno, and five other music genres GTA 6 might feature


1) Trap music


Trap, a subgenre within the realm of EDM, has gained immense popularity for its incorporation of hip-hop and drill beats. Given the historical connection between hip-hop and GTA games, fans can reasonably expect GTA 6 to include diverse Trap tracks. With the game set in a contemporary context, it is highly probable that it will showcase Trap music not only on its radio stations but also within the virtual club scenes.

Renowned Trap artists such as RL Grime, Skrillex, Boombox Cartel, Ekali, and others have produced numerous chart-topping hits in the genre. Consequently, fans can eagerly anticipate the inclusion of some of their best tracks in the upcoming installment of the GTA series.

2) Techno


Miami, the city in which GTA 6's Vice City is based, is known for its vibrant dance music scene with some of the best clubs in the world. Consequently, there is a strong possibility that Techno, a widely popular subgenre of EDM and a top choice for club enthusiasts, will be featured in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto installment.

The trailer provides glimpses of the night scenes, particularly showcasing club environments where a female DJ is seen energetically engaging with the crowd.

3) Dubstep

Given that GTA 6 is set in the contemporary world and is shaped by the decisions of its inhabitants, there's a possibility that the game will incorporate Dubstep music. The characters featured in the trailer align with the characteristics of the genre.

This is a sub-genre of electronic dance music that, among other things, serves to transform their environment into a lively moshpit or a headbanging zone. With its heavy bass, Dubstep has garnered a dedicated following, and listeners often find themselves immersed in a vibe of intense energy, as exemplified by Skrillex's Bangarang.


Some of the best Dubstep tracks come from artists like Skrillex, NGHTMRE, Excision, and Barely Alive.

4) Phonk

Phonk has gained significant popularity on Instagram Reels and TikTok, where users create short edits using tracks featuring heavy beats and rap elements. The recent GTA 6 trailer suggests a connection to social media, hinting that gamers might soon have the ability to record videos within the game.

Given their current trend, if Rockstar introduces a feature allowing users to add music to their videos, there's a potential to include Phonk tracks. Originating from hip hop, Phonk has transformed into a genre closer to EDM, making it an ideal choice for creators seeking to infuse intensity into their videos. It's particularly favored for content related to car edits and workout videos.

5) Synthwave

GTA 6 is set to showcase the illuminated streets of Vice City, and given the lively atmosphere of its nightlife and the abundance of neon-lit locales, the game may also incorporate the Synthwave genre into its radio. This kind of music essentially channels a sense of nostalgia for 1980s pop culture, including movies and video games from that era.


With its focus on the '80s, Synthwave embraces retro-futuristic aesthetics, featuring dark scenes adorned with neon-colored grids and sunsets, elements that align with the essence of Miami's nightlife. Synthwave music primarily utilizes instruments like synthesizers and electronic drums.

6) Lofi

Lofi music is another popular genre among young people. Its tunes are calming and create a relaxing atmosphere for the listener. Combining elements from various genres like hip-hop, jazz, and dream pop, Lofi music achieves a unique blend that exudes a cool and laid-back vibe.

Given its widespread popularity in today's music scene, it wouldn't be surprising if Lofi is introduced in the next GTA game, aligning with Rockstar's portrayal of modern society.

7) Electronic

Miami, Florida, is renowned not only for its vibrant local music culture but also for hosting the globally acclaimed Ultra Music Festival. Electronic music takes center stage here. Moreover, it's speculated that the radio in GTA 6 could encompass various electronic sub-genres such as Tech House, Tropical House, Big Room, and more.


Rockstar's dedication to capturing the contemporary essence of Florida in GTA 6 raises the exciting possibility that players might have the opportunity to virtually attend the Ultra Music Festival. If this materializes, it could mark a groundbreaking moment in gaming history, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the interactive experience of a dance music festival.

A noteworthy development that fuels this speculation occurred a few months ago when the YouTube channel of the Ultra Music Festival released the after-movie for the 2023 edition. Surprisingly, this after-movie adopted a theme reminiscent of GTA Vice City. This intriguing alignment raises the possibility that the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game might include the festival in its landscape.

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