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The Malibu Club is known to return in GTA 6, yet its status as a player-owned business is yet to be confirmed (Image via Rockstar Games)

5 best businesses that should return in GTA 6

GTA 6 is a highly anticipated game with many unknown features yet to be revealed (such as the full details of its businesses). This article lists five cool properties that players were able to run in past games and why they should return in the next title. Some references to the mega-leak from September 18, 2022, will be made in the section below.

Due to the lack of credible information on GTA 6's story, moneymaking methods, etc., it's impossible to know which businesses will be in the game. Some or none of the following properties could end up in the title.


Note: Some aspects of this article are subjective.

Five great businesses that should be in GTA 6 in some capacity


1) Auto Shop

Auto Shops are a classic in this franchise (Image via Rockstar Games)

Some old Grand Theft Auto games have had Auto Shops as businesses, which gave players money in some form. Vice City, Liberty City Stories, and Online are all examples. Generally speaking, these businesses involve delivering cars to a location or selling them to a client.

The GTA 6 leaked footage showcased something called Wyman Car Parts. You can apparently obtain them as some sort of collectible, but their full purpose is yet to be revealed. It would be nice if they're tied to some Auto Shop since that's a classic property in many Grand Theft Auto games.

2) Nightclub

Nightclubs have a rich history in this series (Image via Rockstar Games)

One of the most popular leaked videos of GTA 6 involves the protagonists walking through a Nightclub. In that sense, these properties obviously exist in the game (assuming they're not scrapped before the final release). The only question is, can players run Nightclubs like a business in Grand Theft Auto Online?


The Malibu Club is one of the leaked locations for the upcoming title. Players used to be able to own it in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, so it would be a cool callback if that could happen again. Of course, any Nightclub would suffice for the cool nightlife seen in games like Online and The Ballad of Gay Tony.

3) Diners/fast food establishments

Managing a single store would be interesting (Image via Rockstar Games)

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas allowed players to make money off a few food establishments, albeit through a simple delivery mission. Similarly, Liberty City Stories and Vice City included Pizza Boy missions. The point is there were some old games where players could earn a little bit of dough just by doing legal food deliveries.

Modern games in the series seem to lack the sorts of businesses that a player could control. Leaked clips already show that diners play an important part in GTA 6 via a robbery. It would be cool if there were some way to manage one and hire staff, as it would be different from the usual criminal activities associated with the series.

4) Acid Lab

It would make sense for a game in Vice City to involve drugs (Image via Rockstar Games)

One cool business in GTA Online that's pretty unique is the Acid Lab. Players get to install some equipment inside the Brickade 6x6, get some supplies, and have Mutt get to work on the product. It's a nice change of pace compared to owning a specific property to make money.

GTA 6 wouldn't have to reuse Acid. Some other drugs could be made in a vehicle. Leaks reveal that there are a few Drug Lab locations. Whether they're actual businesses to run or just there for the background, like Trevor Philips Enterprises, remains to be seen.

5) Boatyard

An ownable Boatyard would be cool to see again (Image via Rockstar Games)

Boats were not very useful in GTA Online and some other past games. It's a shame since sea travel can be quite cool, albeit heavily underutilized in this series. GTA 6 leaks show that a Redneck Yacht Club exists, so it would be interesting if some boatyard-like property was buyable in this game.

Vice City had a boatyard business, although it is possible that the Redneck Yacht Club could involve yachts similar to the ones found in GTA Online or not involve any property a player could purchase. Gamers won't know for certain until the inevitable GTA 6 release date.

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