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Many fans want Lamar Davis to return in GTA 6 (Image via GTA Wiki)

5 best characters in GTA 5 that should return in GTA 6

GTA 5 characters are among the most popular from across the entire series. Rockstar Games skillfully created them so they appeal to the masses. Alongside the protagonists, many side characters, too, have left a significant impact on the community. The studio follows the practice of bringing existing characters to the new games, and as a result, fans are also demanding the return of some Grand Theft Auto 5 characters in the upcoming title.

This article lists five of the best Grand Theft Auto 5 characters that deserve a comeback in GTA 6.


Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions.

Five Grand Theft Auto 5 characters that Rockstar Games should bring back in GTA 6


1) Michael De Santa


Michael De Santa is undoubtedly the most sought-after character on the returns list. While fans have asked Rockstar Games to consider letting him make his debut in Grand Theft Auto Online, the publisher has yet to consider it. However, if the popular GTA character does not appear in the multiplayer game, the studio should consider bringing him back in the upcoming title.

Michael is the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto 5, and it is implausible that he will be re-casted as the main character. Instead, he could be a mission provider or a business associate in the upcoming game, providing Jason and Lucia with errands.

2) Lamar Davis


Lamar Davis is perhaps the funniest character in GTA 5, who also managed to maintain his charm in Grand Theft Auto Online. Like Franklin Clinton, Lamar is a hustler but follows the gang-banger lifestyle. The character has many open-ended plots that can be exploited to introduce him in the upcoming game.


Since Lamar is still active in the multiplayer title, players are eager to see whether or not he will return after Rockstar Games announces the GTA 6 release date. The gaming studio could include Lamar’s business ventures in Vice City and make him a mission provider for the protagonists.

3) Lester Crest


Lester Crest is one of the sharpest and most evil-minded characters in GTA 5. Despite being a criminal, many fans love him for his knowledge and intelligence. In the current game, Lester acts as a major helping hand for all three protagonists. Whether you need to breach the FIB or clash with Merryweather, he is the brains behind it all.

The GTA 6 leaked footage showed many instances where Jason and Lucia engaged in various challenges. Thus, Rockstar should consider reintroducing Lester in the same role as before, where he acts as a guide to the protagonists. Although he indirectly announced his retirement in the current multiplayer game, Lester is always ready to fight the government, especially Merryweather Security.

4) Lazlow Jones


Many players are unaware, but Lazlow Jones has been a part of the GTA series since Grand Theft Auto 3 and has been on every mainstream title. Since the character has had a historic involvement in the franchise, he deserves a comeback in the next untitled Grand Theft Auto game.

Although he reportedly left GTA, Rockstar should bring him back for the fans. He was the head DJ of the V-Rock radio station in 3D Universe Vice City. The modern Vice City, having the same radio station with Lazlow as the host, would add a nice touch.

5) Omega


Omega is a forgettable character in Grand Theft Auto 5, but he could be of great importance in the next GTA game. He is deeply associated with sci-fi and alien beliefs. Rockstar Games adding the Bermuda Triangle to the new game’s map and bringing back Omega to share his alien conspiracy theories.

Omega’s search for aliens is ongoing, as evidenced by the Halloween events in Grand Theft Auto Online. His inclusion in the next game’s story mode will allow players to go on interesting side missions. Omega also has the potential to be a mission provider.

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