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Danny Tamberelli plays Jimmy De Santa in GTA 5

Danny Tamberelli in GTA 5: The actor behind Jimmy De Santa

GTA 5 is chock-full of characters whom you remember a long time after you've put down the game. Some characters are memorable for their violent antics and over-the-top personalities such as Trevor in GTA 5, while others leave a very distinct kind of feeling.

Everyone remembers how much they truly "loved" Roman Belic from GTA IV, and how they waited with bated breath for his next phone call to go bowling, heavy sarcasm implied.


GTA 5 also has a similar character, albeit, his impact is a dangerous kind of charming. Jimmy De Santa is truly an annoying presence, yet one that reeks of brilliant writing more often than not.

Jimmy is annoying and whiny by design, as his character is meant to poke fun at certain sections of the videogame community and the younger generation as a whole.

Danny Tamberelli as Jimmy De Santa in GTA 5



Danny Tamberlli, the actor, turned comedian, most famous for his role in the Nickelodeon sitcom "All That", was responsible for the brilliant portrayal of Jimmy De Santa.

Jimmy, on the surface, is a typical, underachieving, lazy gamer with unabashed political incorrectness and a talent for whining. However, Jimmy is a lot more self-aware than just the stereotype.

Through Danny Tamberelli's fantastic work in GTA 5 and the writing, it is clear that Jimmy truly understands his position and even has theories for his lack of ambition and success.

The actor regularly performs comedy and even went on tour in 2019 called "Nostalgia Personified" along with his All That castmate Lori Beth Denberg. He reprised his role as Jimmy for GTA Online as well, much to the amusement of fans.

Tamberelli, in addition to performing motion capture and voice work, also lent his likeness to the character in GTA 5, much like his castmates.


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