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Denise Clinton in GTA V (picture credits: gta base)

Denise Clinton in GTA 5: Character Trivia and relationship with Franklin

Denise Clinton in GTA 5 is the maternal aunt of one of the three protagonists, Franklin Clinton. She features briefly in GTA V and is not seen much after the first Act of the game. She is last seen in the mission 'Fresh Meat'. However, Denise can still be heard after her last appearance in the game.

Denise lives in a house in Strawberry, deep into the gang territory of CGF (Chamberlain Gang Families), the gang which Franklin was once part of. Franklin lived with her aunt before moving out to Vinewood Hills in the house Lester buys for Franklin for tax purposes.


Franklin and Denise have a strained and volatile relationship. Denise constantly gives Franklin grief for not being ambitious enough and not moving out of the house.

Denise primarily features in GTA 5 to poke fun and ridicule 'extreme feminist' views with her exaggerated portrayal of feminism. She regularly holds feminist meetings in her house and believes in the idea of spiritual feminism.

While Rockstar Games did not mean for her to be a big character in the game, Denise had the potential to be one of the strongest female characters in the game. However, she remains only a supporting character used for laughs and gags.


Denise Clinton in GTA 5, character trivia


Rockstar Games has garnered quite a reputation for putting in great attention to detail with their games. There are several instances where Denise can be still heard, even though she does not appear in the game.

1) If Michael and Trevor fire off weapons outside Denise's house in Strawberry, she can be heard yelling from inside of the house. The player will then receive a text from Franklin to stop shooting in front of the house.

2) Once Franklin moves out of the house, if you go back to the Denise's house, it'll appear to be locked. Denise can be heard shouting from the inside telling Franklin to go away.

3) Her initial appearance saw her wearing glasses and signature green hoodie of the CGF. This suggests that she might be based on Denise Robinson from GTA San Andreas.

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