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A list of the most important things to know about GTA Online's upcoming update (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA 5 December Update 2023: 5 things you need to know before it releases

GTA 5 Online is getting a new update in December 2023 that will bring about massive changes and additions to the game. Rockstar hasn't confirmed a release date yet, but now that the GTA 6 trailer has been released, it's expected to arrive soon. Some believe it's coming out on December 12, as the current ongoing weekly event ends the day before.

This article discusses a list of some of the most important things about GTA Online's upcoming winter update. Rockstar has showcased a few of the improvements and new features they're about to introduce, and it includes everything from new missions and characters to quality-of-life upgrades.


5 things you should know about GTA Online 2023 December update

1) New vehicles and races


Rockstar has promised that the upcoming DLC will introduce some new vehicles, and one of them has already been disclosed. This is the Grotti Turismo Omaggio, a hypercar that's primarily based on the Ferrari F8 Tributo. When released, the new car will also have a unique livery. Not much is known about any of the other vehicles, however.


On the other hand, a chosen few vehicles can be upgraded with drift tuning modifications, which is mainly for the new Drift Races Series. The modifications can be installed at the LS Car Meet and can even be used in free mode. Meanwhile, the races will add a new series of circuits.

2) New property, missions, and characters


There's going to be a new type of property that Grand Theft Auto Online players will be able to buy in the coming update. This is the Salvage Yard, and it will allow them to start Vehicle Robberies, which is a new type of mission. As the name suggests, it involves stealing some exotic cars, and the client is Yusuf Amir.

Yusuf is returning to the series after appearing in Grand Theft Auto 4's second expansion, The Ballad of Gay Tony, where he's a major character. His cousin Jamal will assist players in planning and carrying out these robberies from the Salvage Yard called Red's Auto Parts. Players can sell some salvaged cars on this property or simply scrap them for parts.

3) Animals


The Expanded and Enhanced version of GTA Online is introducing wildlife with the December update. This is the first time that the game is getting animals, but it's only exclusive to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Earlier, animals were limited to Story Mode on all platforms.

Rockstar claims they're taking advantage of the new hardware on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, which is why they're adding this feature. They've not mentioned which animals are coming to the game, but it can be safely assumed that many of them will be included.

4) Quality-of-life improvements


There are several new enhancements coming for GTA Online players on all platforms. In addition to increased LS Car Meet Reputation points for participating in Street Races and Pursuits, the Interaction menu has been streamlined for easier navigation.

Drivers at the LS Car Meet can now buy copies of another player's personal vehicle for the PlayStation4, Xbox One, and PC, thanks to a new Specification Service. Each floor of the Eclipse Boulevard Garage has a unique description tag, and the voice chat on the console now defaults to "Off."

5) Bonuses and exclusive features


The Vinewood Club Garage is a brand-new car storage facility that can accommodate 100 vehicles, and it is exclusively available to GTA+ Members. Meanwhile, the Interaction Menu will allow PS5 and Xbox Series X|S players to arrange, manage, and move their collections of vehicles between garages more easily.

Along with these additions, there will be updates to the creator tools, new music, brand-new holiday modes, and "other festive surprises." GTA Online players can also expect snowfall in Los Santos. On the birthday of their character, every player will get a small present.

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