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GTA 5 Paleto Forest myths: Bigfoot, Panic in the Woods and Ghosts

Rockstar Games' fascination with urban legends, cryptids, and American myths has always been reflected in GTA games. The games are filled with references to cryptids like Bigfoot and Yeti, and they even make an appearance sometimes.

GTA 5 is filled to the brim with such myths, secrets, and spine-chilling moments. The Mount Gordo ghost for instance; who appears around midnight on top of the mountain.


One such location in GTA 5 that is filled with intrigue and mythical occurrences is Paleto Forest. It is located west of Mount Chiliad and south of Paleto Bay. The woods are rich with wildlife and home to many of the myths in GTA 5.

Myths in Paleto Forest in GTA 5

Location of Paleto Forest on Map

GTA games have always had a soft spot for American urban myths and creatures supposedly sighted out in the wilderness. Paleto Forest is one such location that is home to many myths in GTA 5.

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1) Bigfoot

(picture credits: ishotz, youtube)

The forest is a popular location for supposed sightings of the Bigfoot. It makes an appearance during the mission 'The Last One', where the player chases a fake Bigfoot. This is the only time Bigfoot makes an appearance in the game.

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2) Panic in the Woods

This is an extremely rare occurrence in the game that can be terrifying. A loud, buzzing screech pierces through the air, and the player's health depletes until they make it back to the city.

3) Ghosts

(picture credits: gtaforums)

There have been rumours about an abandoned sawmill as a primary location for hauntings in GTA 5. However, no photographic or video evidence has surfaced regarding the supposed haunting of the abandoned sawmill.

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