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A list of the similarities and differences between the GTA 5 and GTA 6 maps (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA 5 vs GTA 6 map: 2 Similarities and 3 differences spotted so far

Rockstar Games has finally released the much-awaited GTA 6 trailer. This video has amassed over 100 million views on YouTube, and fans are still talking about it. Some of them have watched it repeatedly and found many details in this 90-second video.

The trailer showcases Vice City as it's going to appear in the HD Universe, along with Rockstar's recreation of what seems to be a small portion of Florida. Fans have pointed out numerous similarities and differences between the maps of GTA 6 and GTA 5. Here's a list of three such differences and two similarities.


Note: Some aspects of this article are subjective.

GTA 5 vs GTA 6 map: 2 similarities between the both


1) Beachfront


The Vice City beachfront depicted in the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer looks quite similar to the one in Los Santos shown in Grand Theft Auto 5's trailer. Rockstar has tried to showcase the difference in scale and population density between the beaches in both titles. However, players can't overlook the similarities.

The Downtown area looks to be directly behind the beachfront in Vice City, much like in Los Santos. This region also seems to be slightly different compared to the 3D Universe rendition seen in GTA Vice City, where the Downtown region was on the western island.

2) One major city and surrounding countryside


Grand Theft Auto 5 is primarily set in Los Santos, and this city is surrounded by some small towns and vast countryside. It seems that Rockstar is taking the same approach for Grand Theft Auto 6, as this game is set in Vice City but features different regions of Leonida (Rockstar's interpretation of Florida).

Several small towns have either been mentioned or showcased in the game's trailer, such as Kelly County and Hamlet. There also appears to be enough wilderness in the title, as one region that resembles the Everglades is featured in the video.

GTA 5 vs GTA 6 map: 3 ways the two are different

1) Map size


The map in the new Grand Theft Auto title looks considerably larger than that of Grand Theft Auto 5. This is made clear in the shot where Vice City's beachfront is displayed. The sheer scale of this title's beach, along with the city in the background, seems more than twice as large as Los Santos.

Other scenes featuring nighttime in Vice City also lend credence to this conclusion. If the city itself is this big, there's no saying how massive the full map is. The trailer has already confirmed that apart from the aforementioned city, this title will have several other locations like Kelly County, Hamlet, and wetlands based on the Everglades.

2) Desert vs swamps


Grand Theft Auto 5 was set in Los Santos and Blaine County. This is based on Los Angeles and some of its surrounding areas, the majority of which are desert regions. Meanwhile, Grand Theft Auto 6 is based on the tropical state of Florida, complete with a wetlands region of its own.

The desert landscape of Los Santos and Blaine County is sharply contrasted with the swampy environs of Vice City and Leonida. This can even be compared to the difference between GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas, two iconic 3D Universe Grand Theft Auto games with vastly different biomes.

3) East Coast vs West Coast


Grand Theft Auto 5 is set on the West Coast of the United States, while Grand Theft Auto 6 will be taking place on the East Coast. There's a big cultural difference between the two regions, and this will be evident in the cities themselves. Los Santos had Vinewood and was home to the super-rich, whereas Vice City should have more low-profile residential areas.

The latter should be bustling with foot traffic, and the trailer showed that Grand Theft Auto 6 will indeed have a higher pedestrian density. The vegetation featured on the East Coast and West Coast is different, and there will also be a disparity between their terrains. In comparison to San Andreas, Leonida is expected to be significantly flatter.

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