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GTA 6 will possibly have multiple cities that players can explore. (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA 6 leak blunder discloses three major cities of the game

While the GTA 6 trailer is about to launch today, the leaks haven't stopped piling up. In a recent TikTok clip, Aaron Garbut’s (head of development/co-studio head at Rockstar North) son allegedly leaked footage of the game's map. Now, there are rumors that Grand Theft Auto 6 might have more than one city alongside other smaller locations. It is also being said the overall map size will be 2x bigger than what GTA 5 has.

The information was provided by an X (formerly Twitter) user who goes by GTA 6 NEWS on the platform. According to the tweet, they got into a conversation with the developer's son to probe for more information about the map of the upcoming title. If what he says is true, players will get to explore not just one but three major cities in the game, along with a huge body of water in the middle.

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On top of that, there might also be four smaller sub-cities scattered across the map for the players to explore and roam around. This article will further explore this leaked information and provide some insight on the topic and if this could turn out true.


GTA 6 leak hints at two more major locations other than Vice City

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After watching the previously leaked gameplay footage and pictures, players deduced that Grand Theft Auto 6 will most likely be set in Vice City based on real-life Miami. The tropical city was previously featured in Grand Theft Auto Vice City and has not been seen since.

However, one of the GTA 6 leaks showcased an intense police chase, and the initials on the cop cars suggested that there might be another major location in the game called Port Gellhorn. So, it is not that surprising that the next installment in the series could feature a couple more locations.

Looking back, GTA San Andreas already had three major locations that gradually unlocked for the players. Since Rockstar claims that the next title in the series will be better than anything before, having multiple cities is definitely not out of the question.

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Another X user reacted to the GTA 6 TikTok leak and made some input of his own. According to George Constanza, the three main cities might be based on Miami, Orlando, and Atlanta. On the other hand, Fort Myers, Tampa, and Naples could work as the smaller locations on the map.


It is also believed that most of the buildings in the game will be accessible to the players, making the open-world feel even bigger. Since Los Santos is already humongous at 29.28 square miles or 75.84 square kilometers, it will possibily take a lot of time for players to explore the whole Grand Theft Auto 6 map.

Players are also claiming that the palm trees in the background of the recent image shared by Rockstar Games suggest that Grand Theft Auto 6 will feature the tropical city. Well, things will become clear once the trailer finally rolls out.

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