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A brief report on the "mud girl" scene from the GTA 6 trailer (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA 6 mud girl screenshot shows jaw-dropping graphical fidelity of the game

The breathtaking GTA 6 graphics shown in the official trailer left both the gaming community and Rockstar Games' fans in awe. Since its release on December 5, 2023, gamers all over the world have been dissecting each frame from the video. The trailer broke several records and received an unprecedented number of views within a short span of time. A notable element that many noticed is the improvement in overall graphics.

One such scene from the trailer that garnered attention is the "Thrillbilly Mud Club." The snippet features a woman smeared in dirt who has been dubbed the "mud girl," with fans astounded by the graphical fidelity on display. However, there's a lot to take from this scene, and here's a breakdown of it.


GTA 6 mud girl from the trailer shows stunning graphical advancement

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The "mud girl" in the GTA 6 trailer is an NPC that fans are assuming is a part of the "Thrillbilly Mud Club." Two other NPCs can also be seen covered in mud. What's impressive here is the mud physics, as each model is realistically slathered in dirt, and it's part of their model texture.

This is unlike anything gamer have seen from previous games in the series. Both blood and water can affect GTA characters like NPCs and the protagonists in the HD Universe titles, but the effect is nowhere near as detailed as shown in the latest trailer. GTA 4 was the first entry where the protagonist would get covered in blood if they took too much damage, although it always appeared in a fixed, predictable pattern.


Bloody bullethole textures will appear in Niko Bellic's clothes if he gets shot at, and these will increase in number and get more prominent with each injury. In Grand Theft Auto 5, the damage appears in a slightly more accurate manner, with bulletholes appearing where characters get shot.

However, it's still not convincing enough to pass off as extremely realistic. While how graphics will handle blood hasn't been revealed, the mud effects seem to indicate a vast improvement. In the "mud girl" screenshot, gamers can see how the mud doesn't appear in a fixed pattern but in a more random way.

This is even more prominent on the shirtless man, who has dirt smeared all over him. Rockstar Games implemented an impressive mud system in Red Dead Redemption 2 as well. When it rained in the game, the dirt tracks would get all muddy, and Arthur's clothes would get soiled if he fell over.


The mud scene from the trailer also indicates off-roading as a possible sport. There are many GTA 6 cars in the scene, with a new monster truck being visible.

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