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  • GTA 6 trailer’s hilarious integration of viral real-life Florida moments has the internet in splits
The GTA 6 trailer has references to several viral Florida moments (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA 6 trailer’s hilarious integration of viral real-life Florida moments has the internet in splits

The GTA 6 trailer was released on December 5, 2023, and it seems to be making some hilarious references to internet memes. Grand Theft Auto VI is set in Vice City, Leonida, which is Rockstar's version of Miami, Florida. It seems that Rockstar is making full use of the fact that the game is set in the Sunshine State, as nearly every Internet user familiar with meme culture is aware of what 'Florida Man' signifies.

Fans have spotted many scenes in the trailers that are references to real-life Florida moments. Here's a description of each of these scenes, as spotted by Grand Theft Auto fans, along with the real-life incidents they were based on. Players should note that these references haven't been confirmed by Rockstar.


GTA 6 trailer recreates hilarious iconic Florida moments

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The GTA 6 trailer revealed plenty of characters and hilarious NPCs through what looks like a social media platform for posting reels. Fans have found that several of these in-game clips are actually based on real-life incidents either based in or related to Florida.

The woman with the hammers might be referring to an incident where a woman damaged a neighbor's car and yelled, "Go back to Mexico," which was caught on tape. However, the incident happened in LA, even though the neighbor was in Miami at the time.


As for the man fishing a gator out of a pool, it's a rather common occurrence in Florida. There's another scene in the GTA 6 trailer that shows the CCTV footage of a department store, showing how an alligator just waltzes in like a customer.

Then there's the moment when a woman is seen twerking on top of a car. It could be a reference to the 2017 incident on the MacArthur Causeway, when a woman was seen performing the provocative dance on a car heading out of Miami Beach. One of the Vice City locations revealed in the trailer is Vice Beaches.

One of the reels shows an obese man running naked at a gas station, which is a bit different to the similar incident in Florida.


Just last year, a naked man armed with a machete was seen yelling at vehicles near a gas station. However, the man in question had an impressive physique and looked quite 'jacked.'

Finally, a Spanish-language news report shows the mugshot of a man with a heavily tattooed face and colored hair. GTA fans pointed out that it might be a reference to the viral 'Florida Joker,' a man whose whole face was tattooed to look like Joker from the 2008 Batman movie 'The Dark Knight.'

The GTA 6 trailer focused on showcasing the iconic locations of Vice City along with Lucia, who is expected to be one of two playable characters in the game. However, there have been rumors that suggest Lucia may be transgender, and the internet is divided on it.

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