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An official photo for this fan-made project (Image via GTA OG)

GTA OG: A recreation of GTA Online from the PS3 and Xbox 360 era

Although GTA Online might be dead on the PS3 and Xbox 360, some fans have decided to bring it back in the form of GTA OG. Twitter user @logan_mcgeeee is credited as the person behind the project. There is even a site dedicated to it known as og.GTAo.gg. Upon visiting that site, you will find a Discord link for all the official news and updates surrounding this project.

Note that GTA Online is still alive and well on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. However, those ports drastically change the game's feel, making GTA OG appealing to the more realistic origins of the title and, therefore, more engaging to some players.


GTA OG is a fan-made project for those who loved GTA Online on PS3 and Xbox 360

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Old builds for GTA Online have started to become more popular in 2023. For example, some players were getting the pre-release version to run on the Xenia emulator. That has eventually led to the popularity of the PS3 and Xbox 360 live versions of the game starting to become prominent.

GTA OG allows players to relive the classic days of GTA Online. While it's not fully released to the public just yet, there is a beta test for those interested.



This is the official website (Image via og.gta.gg)

GTA OG is playable on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Its support for RPCS3 (the PS3 emulator) is a bit limited, whereas Xenia (the Xbox 360 emulator) is not supported yet. It is worth mentioning that the number of players displayed on the website is live, meaning you can see a different figure by refreshing the page.


The important part here is an official Discord link. Anybody interested in this project can click on it to join the community.


There is one main hurdle to getting GTA OG working. You should have a modded PS3 or Xbox 360. Patch 1.27 isn't fully functional on emulators just yet, although RPCS3 does work in a smaller capacity. Future patches may be more friendly to emulator support. If you join the Discord, you will be asked what platform you plan to use for this game.

An important detail to mention is that this game's Discord will provide announcements and other important news. Applications for the beta test are also listed there. Note that this project is free-to-play, and there are currently no plans to ever make it cost money to experience.

For those curious, the game does save, so you could restart an old-school grind if you're interested.

Beta test and official release date news

Some messages from the official Discord (Image via GTA OG Discord)

You have to head over to the #beta-apply channel to apply for this project's beta test. It doesn't appear normally by default, but you can find a hyperlink to it on other channels, like announcements. The beta only accepts players for the following platforms:

  • PS3
  • Xbox 360
  • RPCS3 (PS3 emulator)

Select your preference, and then enter a username. October 1, 2023, is when this project will be fully released to the public. The classic days of GTA Online are possible to relive for the masses, long before futuristic additions and other powercreep enter the scene.

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