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GTA Online beginner guide: How to get started with Freemode Events and Challenges

Freemode Events and Challenges are activities in GTA Online where a group of players competes against one another. To get started, you must be in a session with at least three players, none of whom are in the same Organization. You cannot do these activities solo, meaning those who dislike group content probably won't enjoy the following Freemode features.

However, Freemode Events and Challenges can't just be done whenever a player feels like it. Both of them can start every 20 minutes in sessions with three participants who aren't in the same Organization. Remember that each one you get will be completely random, meaning you could get a Freemode Event, Challenge, or Business Battle.


Note: You must leave Passive Mode to be eligible for this content.

How GTA Online players can dive into Freemode Events and Challenges

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It is imperative to mention that Freemode Events and Challenges are completely optional. If you don't wish to partake in such content, you can avoid it without getting penalized. Assuming you're in a lobby with at least three people total, none of whom are in the same Organization, you should see a timer ticking down on the bottom right of the screen once the next Freemode content is available.


List of all Freemode Events in GTA Online

Let's start with Freemode Events. There are eight in total as of 2023:

  • Air Checkpoints
  • Checkpoints
  • Criminal Damage
  • Hold the Wheel
  • Hot Property
  • Hunt the Beast
  • Kill List
  • King of the Castle

All eight of these activities are basically competitions where players try to get first place. The higher you place, the more money you'll get, which is handy in event weeks that offer double rewards. One of these Freemode Events will be randomly generated, so check the timer on the bottom right to see when it will be ready.

Some activities are done in certain areas with specific rules, so follow the game's instructions. For example, Checkpoints has an objective where players pass through markers in cars or boats, but planes wouldn't be accepted.

List of all Freemode Challenges in GTA Online


There are plenty of Freemode Challenges for GTA Online enthusiasts to potentially receive in a session with other gamers:

  • Fly Under Bridges
  • Headshot Kills
  • Highest Speed
  • Inverted Flying
  • Longest Bail
  • Longest Fall Survived
  • Longest Freefall
  • Longest Jump
  • Longest Stoppie
  • Longest Wheelie
  • Low Flying
  • Lowest Parachute
  • Near Misses
  • No Crashes
  • Reverse Driving
  • Sniper Kills
  • Vehicles Stolen

Functionally, this type of content is similar to the previous list in that they're both competitions where top placements provide more monetary rewards.


The rewards are primarily just money and fun (Image via Rockstar Games)

There aren't any unique rewards tied to this content. The primary reason to do this content is to earn money and RP in Freemode while having fun in the process. Some of these activities also provide players with vehicles they can temporarily use.

GTA Online has removed some related content in the past, so remember that the above lists were relevant for 2023. Past Events like Dead Drop, Kill List Competitive, Moving Target, and Penned In are no longer in the game. Likewise, two old Challenges (Melee Kills and Drive-By Kills) are unavailable.

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