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GTA series (Image: Pinterest)

GTA: Ranking the games based on storyline

The GTA series has become very popular over the years, and for good reason. This spotlight is not just because of the action, but also because of the storyline of each game. With separate timelines and maps, every game has a unique storyline to offer its players. These storylines are what make the games even more thrilling.


Best GTA games based on storyline

Here are the best GTA games ranked on the basis of storyline:

1. GTA: San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas (Image: IMDb)

GTA: San Andreas is the best game in the series, in terms of storyline. Once you step into the shoes of CJ (Carl Johnson), you will navigate the world of San Andreas and get involved in gang wars that will teach you about the importance of family values and friendship.


2. GTA V

GTA V (Image: Steam)

With a very exciting storyline, step into the shoes of the three protagonists of this game and complete missions. If you are tired of breaking the law and blowing up cars, you can navigate the open world and indulge in various activities, as GTA V offers its players the largest map in the series.


3. GTA: Vice City

GTA: Vice City (Image: Pinterest)

If you want to live in the city of Miami — which inspired the fictional city of Vice City — without actually travelling to the United States, you can choose to play GTA: Vice City. The game traces the rise of mobster Tommy Vercetti in the criminal world, as he destroys other criminal organisations in his wake.


GTA IV (Image: SlashGear)

Revenge is best served cold, and GTA IV is the story of how Niko Bellic gets retribution on those who betrayed him. Set within the fictional Liberty City, step into the shoes of this war veteran and teach a lesson to those who wrongly abandoned you and broke your trust.


GTA III (Image: Wikipedia)

This game is basically a revenge story gone wrong. Duped in love, Claude seeks revenge on his girlfriend for abandoning him, and gets involved in gang wars and crimes. In this game, you can freely travel to the three islands of Liberty City.


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