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A screenshot of this modification in action (Image via KaizoM)

GTA San Andreas 2 Player Deluxe: What gamers should know about this local multiplayer mod

One popular local multiplayer mod for GTA San Andreas that several gamers use is known as 2 Player Deluxe. As the name implies, this modification allows one to play through CJ's iconic adventure with up to two players. It is vital to mention that the original game did have local multiplayer, although that's not available in every port.

There are some differences worth noting with this GTA San Andreas mod. 2 Player Deluxe allows gamers to do missions together, which was impossible in the original game's local co-op multiplayer. More details about this modification will be discussed in the following sections of this article.


GTA San Andreas 2 Player Deluxe is a fun local multiplayer mod

This is the official logo for the modification (Image via KaizoM)

Here is a quick rundown of everything you need to know about 2 Player Deluxe:

  • Where to get it?: User KaizoM posts updates for the modification on the GTA forums.
  • What's the purpose?: Gamers can play GTA San Andreas in its entirety with local multiplayer.
  • What are the requirements?: You must have already installed Modloader, CLEO 4, and GInput.
  • When was it last updated?: Version 1.3 came out on August 15, 2023 (this was the most recent patch when this article was written).

Modern GTA games don't have local multiplayer (and it's unknown if Grand Theft Auto 6 will have it, either). The standard PC version of GTA San Andreas doesn't even have this option, which makes downloading and installing 2 Player Deluxe quite handy.

Note that Version 1.3 of this mod has removed a few features (like kissing the second player as one could in the original PS2 version), but it is the most stable patch thus far.

The above video by popular classic GTA YouTuber Nikitozz shows some amusing clips featuring 2 Player Deluxe. Playing through GTA San Andreas with a second player makes the game feel pretty fresh. Modder KaizoM has even stated that this title is possible to beat with this modification installed.


2 Player Deluxe initially launched on March 11, 2022, and it has not been DMCA'd by Rockstar or Take-Two yet. It is worth mentioning that old versions of this patch are still available to download for anybody curious about the removed features from Version 1.3 or wish to compare other changes.

Not to be confused with SA-MP

SA-MP is a different modification (Image via TheJizzy)

There is another popular GTA San Andreas multiplayer mod known as SA-MP. However, that modification is more like GTA Online in that gamers can play on a server with dozens of other people doing wacky stuff not originally found in the base game.

By comparison, 2 Player Deluxe is meant to mimic a more advanced form of the original game's local multiplayer. If gamers don't have friends or family over at their place, then SA-MP would be more appropriate for them as a multiplayer mod.

There are other similar modifications, but the two previously discussed are the most popular ones for GTA San Andreas. This game might be nearly two decades old, yet the love it still gets from the modding scene is impressive.

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